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    Plan The Perfect Weekend Getaway To Yercaud, Tamil Nadu!

    Hoping to travel to a place with fresh air and scenic beauty after the pandemic? Here is why Yercaud is perfect!
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    Updated at - 2021-06-09,13:29 IST
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    This pandemic has made us all desperate for fresh air. Oh, what a privilege it was to merely be able to breathe in the open don’t you think? To just watch a sunset from the hilltop, come back to a cozy hotel room and go for morning walks when you can still feel the dampness in the air! Getting too nostalgic, are we? While we all have made plans for travelling post pandemic, do you know what the ideal destination is going to be to get the much-needed break? Yercaud! This hill station in Tamil Nadu is perfect to feed the #Wanderlust in you. The roads to Yercaud are beautiful. You will see greenery on both the sides and as you pull your window down and let the fresh air tickle your face, you will also be able to inhale the fragrance of fresh coffee. The climate here is at a moderate level all year thus there is no need to shy away from travelling here during summers. While a lot of people think there is not much to do in this tiny town, read further to get an itinerary for a perfect weekend getaway in this gorgeous hill station town. 

    Pagoda Point

    Located at a distance of 5 kms from the Yercaud town, this view point was first built as a pyramid (Pagoda) made of stones by the local tribe. At the present, this is one of the most famous viewpoints in Yercaud, where one can get a breath-taking panoramic view of the town especially during sunset and sunrise. Between these pagodas, there stands a beautiful Rama Temple that is a must visit if you are around!

    The 32-Km Loop Road

    looproad one

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    A journey via this road is what a perfect sightseeing trip looks like. Nothing short of a paradise for travellers, especially nature lovers. This road has about 20 hairpin bends and as one ascends the temperature keeps decreasing. On both your sides you will find lush green coffee estates, silver teaks and if luck favors you, you might also be able to sport some bison roaming around! You can make a stop at the Cauvery peak for a coffee break. Overall, this road is a must take when you are on a trip to Yercaud. 

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    Yercaud Lake

    At a distance of just 1 Km from the Yercaud bus stop, this lake is one of the only natural lakes in South India. The weather in Yercaud complimented by the mesmerizing scenic beauty is perfect for boating around this lake. There are options of either paddling boats or 4 seaters. Here, you will definitely find families on boats singing retro Bollywood songs and having a time of their lives!

    Lady’s seat

    ladyseat one

    Image Credits: 2.bp.blogspot

    Another view point that mustn’t be missed considering the spectacular view that it offers. This place has a viewing tower, where there is a provision of a telescope that enables the tourists to take a look at the beautiful view with more clarity. Be sure to go here to feel like you are at the top of the world!

    Silk Farm and Rose garden

    One of the most famous tourist spots in Yercaud, this place is at a walking distance from Lady’s Seat. As the name suggests, this garden is home to several variety of roses of different colors and sizes. This garden is filled with the fragrance of roses when it’s the season to bloom and is an eye candy by all means!

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    Are you not convinced that Yercaud is going to be a perfect get away for you and your family? Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such travel insights!

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