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    5 Best Art Galleries In Mumbai

    The art capital of India has some amazing art galleries that you must visit.
    Published -02 Nov 2021, 08:00 ISTUpdated -01 Nov 2021, 16:57 IST
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    Mumbai is surely the undisputed art capital of the country. With a number of art galleries and museums in the city, we can say that the city truly embraces the contemporary art. Whether you are an artist or an art over, Mumbai is the place for you and trust me, the city won't disappoint. 

    This is because the city has an amazing collection of art galleries that are totally worthwhile and you should definitely visit them at least once. 

    Art Vindow

    Art Vindow is a newly launched art gallery in Mumbai which is curated and founded by Vinita Mansingka. They have their premier solo exhibition titled Linear Unparalleled Experience featuring Milind Mulick. It is a mesmerizing oeuvre, a testimony to release the ‘mess that white canvas beholds’ as affirmed by the artist Milind Mulick.

    Strategically located at Kamala Mills in Mumbai, Art Vindow has been founded to bridge the gap between artists and the art collecting experience. The gallery is here to offer affordable artworks to all art lovers as an earnest attempt, the paintings are affordably priced. All artworks sold by Art Vindow come with a certificate of authenticity.


    tasveer art gallery mumbai

    The name gives you a hint about the art gallery. This gallery takes you on a journey of eccentric photographic arts. Tasveer is a collection of masterpieces documenting India's history and culture. 

    You can find archives of several Indian photographers from various fields including fashion, arts and photojournalism. 

    Project 88

     art gallery mumbai

    It is impossible to talk about art galleries in Mumbai (off-beat places in Mumbai)and not mention Project 88. Since the moment, this art gallery has entered the Mumbai art world., it has gathered a number of visitors from all over and everyone has gone home totally mesmerised. 

    Owned by Shree Goswami, this minimalist yet charming space is filled with art works of famed artists. 

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    Pundole Art Gallery

    pundole art gallery mumbai

    Pundole art gallery is one of the most famous art galleries in Mumbai. This place has been warming the hearts of art lovers. Over the years, the gallery has celebrated contemporary visual art in the country and has featured famed artists including M.H. Hussain, Ram Kumar and many more. 

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    Gallery Maskara

    Gallery Maskara is among the most unique art galleries and it promises an unforgettable trip to you. With several large installations from artists worldwide, this place attracts a large crowd of visitors. The owner, Abhay Maskara is working towards promoting innovative and radical artists.

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