Not getting the visa of your choice? Visa application getting declined multiple times? Worry no more, as this temple has a solution to all your problems. Nicknamed as the Visa Temple, Balaji temples in Chilkur, Hyderabad is said to grant viva wishes to all its devotees. It is one of the oldest temples in Telangana and is dedicated to deity Sri Venkateswara Balaji. 

The Visa God

Visa God

Popularly known as 'Visa Balaji Temple', it is one of the oldest temples in the Hyderabad region. It is said that the temple gained its popularity, after several people prayed here to successful Visa approval and their wishes were fulfilled. A number of incidents of people praying to the deity for getting a visa stamp on their passport have been reported. This has contributed to its overall popularity. 

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What Led To The Popularity? 

While devotees come here from all parts of India in order to get different types of vivas stamped, the temple is especially famous for clearing US visas. Chilkur Balaji temple attracted the attention of devotees in the late 1980s after a group of software engineering students claimed to have received visas to the US after visiting the shrine. Word of mouth spread like wildfire and people from all parts of the country started popping in with their viva clearance wishes. Soon after, many other people claimed to have got the visa after praying at the temple. With successful stories of people affirming their belief, the temple gained popularity and got its name as the ‘Visa Temple’. 

A Rush Of Devotees

Visa God

The Visa Temple is always hustling and bustling with devotees. The temple attracts over 75,000 to one lakh devotees every week. The number doubles up during weekends, with the maximum number of people coming on Sundays. If you are planning to visit this temple, come prepared to wait in a long waiting queue. Avoid coming on weekends, if you wish to avoid the main rush. The temple is absolutely free and there are no charges on the entrance. You can choose the offering of your choice, such as thali, fruits and flowers from the stalls inside, depending on what you wish to offer to the deity. 

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Temple Rituals

Visa God

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As per the temple rituals, people who wish to get a visa, visit the temple and make a special promise to the deity. While offering their prayers to the deity, the devotees promise that upon returning, they will visit the temples once again and take 108 rounds or parikrama once they get their visa. People firmly believe this as it has led to successful visa completion of a lot of people who offered their prayers at the temple. People say that whoever comes here and wishes this, always returns. The devotees surely return because they get their visa pretty soon after praying to the Sri Venkateswara Balaji.

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During the initial days of the coronavirus pandemic, special pujas were also held in the temple. In hopes of beating the coronavirus crisis, priests at Chilkur Balaji temple performed Sri Rama Paduka Pattabhishekam puja, on the occasion of Ramnavami. It was closed down during the pandemic and is now gearing up to reopen. So, the next time you plan a visit abroad and face difficulty in getting your Visa, you now know where to go. 

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