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    Love Sunsets? Check Out These Locations In Metro Cities For A Beautiful Valentine's Day

    You don't have to be a couple, it is awesome if you are single as well on Valentine's Day. Love starts with you, yourself. Treat yourself to this beau...
    Updated at - 2019-02-12,17:49 IST
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    Sunsets are beautiful and they have a calming effect on us all with hues of pink and orange splashed over the sky. To add to it is the month of love when it is Valentine's week. While most couples plan out something or the other, why don't you take out some peaceful time for each other, watch the sunset and share that special moment? If you are single, take out time for yourself and think how blessed you are to have what you have today and just soak in mother nature! If you think you will feel odd, just listen to some music that you love most while the sun goes down at its own pace.

    Sunset In Mumbai

    Carter Road Promenade

    carter road mumbai

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    You will find a lot of joggers here and many individuals walking during the dusk. There is nothing more than the splendid view of the sunset which somehow motivates you to sweat it out. To enjoy the view without that crazy hard work, just grab a coffee or tea and sit there for a while. 

    Worli Sea Face

    worli sea face mumbai

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    The sound of the waves, the soothing hues of the sky, the calming glow of the sun, makes for a perfect sunset. Be it with your partner, with your friends or by yourself when you need some peace from the daily hustle-bustle-of life. 

    Sunset In Delhi

    Deer Park At Hauz Khas 

    hauz khas deer park sunset

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    Reach this location at 6 p.m for the sunset and for the sunrise at 5 a.m. and you will know why we recommend this amazing place. Take a walk around the lake and enjoy the lush green deer park. It turns out to be a refreshing experience. Ignore the dirty lake water though. Also, the guard won't let you in the fort with the professional camera, so take your phone with a good camera which will go a long way,

    Parthsarathy Rocks, JNU

    jnu sunset

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    This place is a part of Jawaharlal Nehru University here. Located at the highest natural point in Delhi, this rocky place is a part of Aravalli Range of mountains. You will even get to see some wonderful wildlife which includes peacocks, foxes and scorpions. In the evening, you will hear a lot of peacock and peahens with the glaring sunset on the forefront. The entire scene will provide tranquillity and enthusiasm. The small catch here is that you need to be a student of the university or you should be accompanied by a student of JNU.

    India Gate

    Now this one is the most famous tourist spots in the city. Here you can enjoy a nice boat ride, an ice cream or a 'kala khatta' while talking about life, having fun and discussing your future perhaps? It's open 24 * 7 so do not worry about getting there but yes do google the sunset time before going. 

    Sunset In Kolkata

    Princep Ghat

    princep ghat kolkata

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    Named after the James Princep memorial, the Circular Railway connects Princep Ghat with other railway sections of Kolkata. One can reach this place by Bus also. It is a super peaceful place located at the bank of river Hoogly. To soak in the perfect sunrise or sunset, rent a boat. This place is very simple, calming and peaceful. It is open from 8 a.m. to 9: 30 p.m.

    Rabindra Sarovar 

    rabindra sarovar kolkata sunset

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    A lake in South Kolkata, this place is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Kolkata with alluring calmness surrounding. It gets even more peaceful in the evening time. You hear the birds chirp, the greenery surrounds you and the distinct fragrances from flowers pacify your stressed out souls. Take a stroll, take pictures of the beautiful birds and enjoy the picturesque sunset.

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    Sunset In Ahmedabad

    Sabarmati Riverfront Subhash Bridge 

    sunset ahmedabad

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    Sabarmati Riverfront is a very beautiful and attractive sightseeing place for tourists. You have ample place to take a walk with friends, partner or by yourself. If you feel lonely, plug in those fancy earphones and listen to some beautiful tracks from Coke Studio and treat yourself to some much needed 'ME' time.  

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