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    5 Picturesque Places In India You Can Visit In December

    If you are planning to travel around India in December, here is a list of places you should visit.
    • Shivangi Sarkar
    • Editorial
    Updated at - 2022-12-02,17:18 IST
    places to visit in india in december

    Winter has arrived, and it is time to take advantage of the chilly weather. You can pick from a wide range of destinations, including the valleys covered in snow in the north, the beaches in the south, the desert in the west, and the lush flora in the east.

    If you're having difficulties deciding where to go on vacation, here is a list of the best places to visit in India in December.


    dalhousie december

    With its waterfalls, rivers cutting through mountains, densely wooded trails that run parallel to massive mountainsides with stunning views of the Dhauladhar range in the distance, and a couple of churches constructed during the British Raj, Dalhousie is the most popular hill station in Himachal Pradesh and has a significant impact on tourists today.


    ladakha december

    In the vast Himalayas, Ladakh is a remote and breathtakingly beautiful tourist destination. Thanks to its steep valleys and mountains, winding roads and thriving cultural scene, the region has maintained its charm and liveliness for years.

    The renowned Magnetic Hill, the turquoise-coloured Pangong Lake, the confluence of two enigmatic rivers, the oldest monasteries, and the highest passes are just a few of Leh Ladakh's notable attractions. Leh-Ladakh also has India's only frozen ice trek.


    diu december

    To truly appreciate the beauty of the beaches in Diu are, one must visit them in December. Nagoa Beach in Diu is renowned for its pure beauty and swaying palm trees, making it an attractive and highly suggested destination for travellers from all over the world.

    The region's resorts are easily accessible, making it simple for guests to relax and take in the area's natural beauty at the same time. Beautiful palm trees that sway in the cool breeze surround the beach, providing visitors with an exotic setting where they can relax.

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    chennai december

    Despite other months of the year being hotter, Chennai is one of the most visited cities in India in December. One can drink coconut water, wander down India's longest beach, and enjoy the cool breeze flowing over one's hair. 

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    Among many other things, Mylapore is renowned for its tree-lined streets, Kapaleeshwarar Temple, Kutcheri Seasons and Ramakrishna Math. Music sabhas (gatherings), social organisations and performers are located in Mylapore. When the Sabhas in Mylapore produce regular and continuous Kutcheris, December is generally designated as the music season. During this time, there are vocalists and artisans of Carnatic Music exhibiting their work.

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    kerala december

    The wildlife reserves of Wayanad are home to an extraordinary variety of flora and fauna. This is what the region is most known for. It is replete with waterfalls and historical caverns.

    This luxuriant utopia is surrounded by the stunning Western Ghats mountains. Wayanad is incredible in every way, from the people to the history, culture, woodlands, and cuisine. Visitors come from all across India to Wayanad for bird watching and to experience several trekking paths.


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