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    7 Places To Visit In Dehradun

    There are numerous tourist attractions in Dehradun that will allow you to customise your trip. Here are seven places to visit in Dehradun.
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    Updated at - 2022-12-03,13:28 IST
    Places To Visit In Dehradun

    Dehradun, tucked away in the Doon Valley, is a well-liked and well-known hill resort in Uttarakhand. It draws tourists from all walks of life, thanks to the Garhwal Himalayas' picturesque backdrop. Dehradun's tourist attractions include sites of worship , and wildlife reserves. 

    There are spots where you can unwind and watch the sunset with your significant other, tourist hotspots where you can travel with your family, and adventure destinations  to try exhilarating activities with pals. There are numerous tourist attractions in Dehradun that will allow you to customise your trip. Here are seven places you must visit on your trip to Dehradun.

    1. Malsi Deer Park

    Malsi Deer Park

    Malsi Deer Park is among the top attractions in Dehradun, especially for families. This 25-hectare zoological garden in Dehradun serves as a refuge for animals such as the two-horned deer, nilgai, leopard, peacock, and eagle.

    Popular for picnics, Malsi Deer Park comes alive on the weekends. This miniature zoological park is a must-visit for wildlife lovers.

    2. Sahastradhara


    The meaning of Sahastradhara is a thousand-fold-spring. The spring is well-known for its therapeutic benefits and ecstatic beauty. The attraction is renowned for the breathtaking karst (limestone) outcrops that countless sparkling streams cascade down. 

    Because of its location along the banks of the Badli River, many tourists are drawn to this area to explore the caverns and waterfalls. To really appreciate this area's magnificence, allow yourself two to three hours. 

    3. Wadia Institute Of Himalayan Geology

    Institute Of Himalayan Geology

    The Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology is among the best tourist attractions in Dehradun. It is a self-contained research facility for the investigation of the geology of the Himalayas, founded in June 1968. The institute also features a museum that provides information about the great Himalayas, including its formation, evolution, and past flora and fauna.

    4. Shikhar Fall

    Shikhar Fall

    Shikhar Fall is a picturesque waterfall near Dehradun. The attraction is quite popular, especially among couples.  The attraction is ideal for  family picnics because it keeps you near nature, gives you just the perfect tranquil setting. Shikhar Fall is completely surrounded by dense forests and mountains.

    5. Mindrolling Monastery

    Mindrolling Monastery

    The greatest Buddhist learning institution in India, Mindrolling, also known as the Place of Perfect Emancipation, is dedicated to the study of Buddhist scriptures, the Tibetan lunar calendar, astronomy, traditional Tibetan medicine, and calligraphy.

    One of the six important monasteries in Tibet, Mindrolling Monastery was founded in 1676 and relocated to Dehradun in 1965. A well-kept garden and a bustling retail arcade are also part of the monastery complex, where antiquities, souvenirs, and trinkets are sold.

    6. Maldevta


    Maldevta, is another fun picnic location in Dehradun. One can travel here for a half-day trip The surroundings are quite serene, a river runs past the lush meadows. There is also a revered shrine right next to the location with the same name. Since there are no decent eateries around, it is recommended that you bring your own food.

    7. Lachhiwala


    Visit Lachhiwala if you want to spend a day surrounded by stunning scenery. An idyllic picnic location surrounded by Sal trees, this area is well-known for its bird viewing, trekking routes, and beautiful sunset views. A short distance separates Lachhiwala from Dehradun. You can also stay back at Lachhiwala for a night stay, you will find many accommodation options. 

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