India is a large and growing market for the skincare industry. It is expanding in every conceivable dimension-- the categories that people are beginning to use, the diversity of choice variables, the price points that are operational, and so on. Gone are the days of 'one cream fits all'. Shankar Prasad, Founder and Director of Plum, says that today's customer thinks, reads, and absorbs a lot of material before she makes up her mind. And along with the overall move towards all things organic, it is but natural that beauty and skincare would also start seeing a shift in consumer preferences in that direction. 

True organic, vegan and cruelty-free products are and should be free from commonly found harmful and doubtful chemicals like - sulphates, silicones, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol and zinc compounds. Formulated using the goodness of nature, and ultra-modern, scientifically proven ingredients. 

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How Embracing Vegan and Cruelty-Free Skin Care Can Lead To Holistic Living?

To live a holistic life, you have to embrace the idea that we humans, animals and nature, are all interconnected. To live we a holistic life, we all have to care for our planet and its creatures which includes rejecting the use of animals for product testing.

Many beauty products, household products and pharmaceuticals are tested on small animals like mice, rats, bunnies, guinea pigs and hamsters. Some products are even tested on chimpanzees, cats, and dogs. These little beings are subjected to physical restraint, forced feeding and inhalation, food and water deprivation, pain and are often confined to small living spaces. This behaviour does not fit with the concept of holistic living at all.

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Growing Importance Of Vegan & Organic Skincare In India

In India, not just cruelty-free but organic and vegan products are the new must-haves that beauty conscious people and skincare lovers are rooting for. While some brands have been able to bank on the gaping gap, consumers are becoming more receptive to know the importance of using chemical-free products with the right ingredients on their bodies.

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Did you know that the concept of using organic products is age-old? Organic products have long-lasting results and act as a great skin food too. In India, the organic beauty industry is growing and is at a nascent phase. These are certified from global organisations like EcoCert, OneCert and Natrue. The lotions, shampoos etc that we use from organic brands with a certificate, are churned out of raw materials used for manufacturing products, which are derived from organically grown plants without using chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.

Shelf Life Of Organic Products

The shelf life of natural and vegan products is a major factor that can influence an individual's vanity or skincare collection. This is one reason why most people prefer better-known brands for their lasting properties, irrespective of chemical content. But, exploring a piece of information that not many of us know is that, organic products have a different kind of preservative which is PLANT-DERIVED.

Their shelf life is less than chemical-based cosmetics but is long enough to allow their use on a comfortable period. However, you need to take some precautions to expand the life of the organic products: Store them in a cool place and keep them away from humidity. Secondly, use the product with the help of a clean make-up tool.

The jars and bottles of goodness do not have harsh preservatives like parabens! Brands concentrating on being all-natural, use natural preservatives like an oil that is self-preserving or safe-synthetics, which are non-natural but have been approved by a certifying body for use in organic products globally.

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