Have you ever experienced soreness in your hair, like the one you feel in the muscles after working out? If yes, then certainly you are not imagining it. The sharp, itchy feel can come out of nowhere and can be felt in one part, or the entire head. This mostly happens after untying a tight ponytail or moving mane to the other side. While many neglect such hair or scalp issues, it is important to address it before it becomes something more serious. If you have ever wondered why this happens, then you have a reason to rejoice! We are here with some of the most common reasons that lead to the sore or sensitive scalp are:


Be it your skin or your hair, allergies are common. It can be caused due to a number of reasons, such as a change in weather, deposition of dirt and sweat on the surface of the scalp, or because of harsh, chemical-infused products. If you notice redness along with itchiness, and a little bit swelling in any or multiple areas, then this can be a sign of allergies. The best thing to do is to stop using harsh products and go completely natural. Use homemade shampoos and conditioners to keep hair from any further damage. 

Bacterial Infections

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While there are different types of bacterial infections, reportedly, a crusty inflamed rash, called impetigo, multiple sore spots, known as folliculitis and tender swellings, which ultimately may become pustular, are some of the most commonly experienced bacterial infections affecting the scalp. There can be multiple agents that may transfer various bacteria or germs to the hair. The important thing is to consult an expert to treat any extreme conditions. 

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Skin conditions

Just like our hair, the skin also has various types. While some have dry skin, others possess oily one. Skin conditions affect the scalp big time. So, if you are suffering from any skin diseases like dermatitis and psoriasis, chances are it may have affected your scalp too. Subtle signs are redness and itching. Sometimes, problems caused by skin diseases can also lead to thick scaly patches.

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Fungal Infections


We are not just talking about dandruff here. Fungal infections are also of many types and can affect people of all ages, including children and adults. Some of the common infections that can lead to scalp sensitivity are tinea capitis and tinea versicolor, as per the media reports. The common signs are scaly skin patches. Sometimes, they may also look like ringworm, round, and red. Fungal infections can cause temporary hair loss. Try not to treat such infections at home, all by yourself. Take expert help. 

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Going Overboard With Hair Products 

As you step inside a mall or a store, you see shelves filled with fancy bottles and colourful products. Some claims to give you bouncy looks, whereas, others promise to give you instant results. Over the years, other than shampoo, a lot of hair care products have been launched. Setting spray, hair serum, conditioner, dry shampoo, spray dye, heat protector, colour protectors, and the list goes on and on. What do you think all these products do to your hair? Well, they certainly do make them vulnerable and prone to problems! For instance, constantly using dry shampoo on the roots can make it stiff. Also, going overboard with the setting spray can actually cause extensive hair damage. To avoid this, either use paraben-free items or try a few natural products. Also, never ignore a proper hair care regimen.  

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