Crossing 30 was hard-hitting for me but I realised that it is time I started using anti-ageing products as this is the age when your pores start reflecting the numbers. Right from under eye creams to night creams, I have been trying different products as I also like to try new things in the market. This time I tried the Modicare Urban Colors Age Redefining Night Cream for a little over 2 weeks and here is my detailed review of the same.


The brand claims that the night cream repairs, restores & revitalises your skin, defending it against the process of ageing while you sleep. It also helps in building collagen and elastin of the skin. 

Main Ingredients

ingredients night cream

The cream is enriched with retinol, 3C action system. It has water, Glycerin among other ingredients.


packaging nigt cream

The 30 ml tub comes in deep red and silver packaging which makes it look chic on your dressing table. It has a stopper as well which prevents spillage. The tub is made of good quality, stable plastic.


fragrance look night cream

The night cream smells like a typical cream which I associated with bottles on my mother's dressing table when I was little but now I understand what it was all about. It is very mild so you do not have to worry about headaches since it is not an added fragrance but is natural to it.

It is a water-based cream and has a custard colour, which is extremely light on application. The consistency is that of one thin string and a small scoop is more than enough. 

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A 30 ml bottle is priced at Rs 2299.

My Experience


I have been using this night cream for the past 2 weeks, every night after cleansing my face with a foaming cleanser. Scoop out a little and massage your face and neck. It is very light and hydrating so that you do not feel dry and patchy in the morning. The ingredients list as well is fine so you can relax. In two weeks I have managed to bring it to 3/4 of the quantity (I have a small face and I apply creams and moisturisers on a slightly damp face and body) so 1 bottle a month should suffice.

Yes, it is on the expensive side but investing a little on your skin is alright. With the content made in Italy, all doubts phase-out. Just keep in mind that when you have applied it, massage your face for a while so that it distributes evenly and sinks into your pores properly. To see the results besides applying this cream, you also need to keep drinking water and maintain a good diet.


  • Smooth application
  • Water-based
  • Cruelty-free
  • Noncomedogenic
  • 100 % vegetarian
  • Paraben-free
  • Has no added fragrance
  • No mineral oils
  • Travel friendly


  • Slightly costly for the quantity.

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My Verdict 

Go for it if you can! If you are particular about your skincare regime and have been hunting for anti-ageing products like me then you must give this a try. I generally have break outs when I apply a night cream but this one has been very kind to me till now. Completing 3 weeks soon, I do feel my pores shrinking but you must try it for atleast a month for best results.