In today’s time when there’s so much stress, pollution, and sudden change in weather conditions, it is next to impossible to get clear and glowing skin every day. We all have been in a situation when we have woken up with big acne that leaves a stubborn mark on the face. If you are someone who follows a healthy lifestyle, yet getting frequent acne and zits, then it’s time to look out for the real culprit. We have come with some unusual causes that can be the reason behind your sudden breakouts and pesky spots.

Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

dirty brushes acne

We girls love to use makeup and go overboard with the products and tools, but how often do we spend time cleaning those appliances? Applying makeup with used and dirty brushes can lead to acne and zits the next morning. The best way to prevent it is to wash your makeup brushes each time you use them, and let them dry completely. If you have washed your brush properly, but stored it in a little damp condition then it can too lead to the build-up of bacteria on the brushes. Another technique is to make use of your hands and fingers to get a flawless makeup base, especially when your brushes are not washed.

Not Washing Your Hair

not washing hair acne

Acnes are mostly the result of accumulated oil and dirt on your face. When you do not wash your hair or scalp frequently, then it can cause acne or zits on your skin. It is ideal to wash your scalp with a mild shampoo every alternative day. And, if you are some who hits the gym regularly then you need to dilute your shampoo with water and get rid of the dirt and sweat from your scalp.

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Not Washing Your Bedsheet

We understand the urge to crash on the bed once you’re home after a long tiring day, but sleeping on a dirty bedsheet can lead to acne issues. It is important to change your bedsheet once a week, to prevent any buildup of bacteria and germs. If possible then invest in silk bed sheets and pillow covers for your bed as they are gentle on the skin as compared to any other fabric. To be on the more safe side, soak your bedsheet in an anti-septic diluted water an hour before washing. The anti-septic liquid helps kills all the harmful germs, and you won’t run the risk of getting acne or zits on your face.

Using The Same Towel

not changing towel acne

Most of us are guilty of committing the mistake of using the same towel for the body and face. When you use your regular towel for the face, it can leave some dirt and bacteria behind, on your skin. It is better to invest in separate hand towels which are gentle on the face and can be washed frequently.

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Not Having a Proper Diet

healthy diet acne

Everyone knows the importance of having a proper diet, but when there is a special occasion or wedding around our diet goes for a toss. We indulge in sugary desserts and excessively oily food that leads to sudden breakouts on our skin.

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