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HZ Tried & Tested: Ayouthveda Sun Turn+ Cream Detailed Review

Ayouthveda Sun Turn Cream is a sun protection cream. Here is my detailed review on it.
Published -21 Apr 2022, 12:42 ISTUpdated -26 Apr 2022, 10:25 IST
Ayouthveda Sun Turn cream review

Sun protection creams are a necessity in summers. We all try to find the best creams to protect our skin from tanning and damaging UV rays. However, all of the creams on the market that claim to provide certain benefits do not deliver the expected results.

We came across a SPF 50 Sun Turn+ cream by Ayouth Veda, which claims to be a high-performance natural sunblock made with micronized zinc and advanced UV filters that feels light on skin. 

The cream is also said to be non-greasy, water-resistant formula is enriched with skin protecting herbal extracts of cranberry, calendula, grape seed & nourishing oils, providing long lasting photo protection with anti-tan properties.

I used this product for about two months and the following is my thorough review:


Ayouthveda Sun Turn cream claims

  • A high-performance natural sunblock
  • Feels light on skin
  • Non-greasy
  • Water-resistant formula
  • Enriched with skin protecting herbal extracts of cranberry, calendula, grape seed & nourishing oils
  • Provide long lasting photo protection
  • Anti-tan properties
  • UVA, UVB, PA++ protection

Key Ingredients:

Each gm. contains-

  • 5mg Cranberry
  • 3mg Amla
  • 5mg Green Seed
  • 2mg Rhubarb
  • 5mg BlueBerry 
  • 4mg Sunflower   It blends effortlessly
  • 3mg Green Tea
  • 2mg Calendula
  • 5mg Aloe Vera


INR 599 for 1- 100 gram Ayouthveda Sun Turn+ Cream (SPF 50)


Ayouthveda Sun Turn cream packaging

The Ayouthveda Sun Turn+ Cream comes in a squeezy bottle with a nice orange and yellow packaging. On the front of the cream, the following basic information is provided: cream name, SPF 50, UVA, UVB, PA++ protection, and so on.

The properties and composition of the cream are listed on the back of the squeezy bottle. Directions on how to use the cream, as well as information on enquiries, production address, and so on, are also written on the back of the cream.

The batch number, manufacture date, expiration date, and MRP are all written on the crimp of the cream bottle.

Texture/ Fragrance

This sun turn cream has a smooth texture and blends effortlessly on the skin. It has a pleasant smell that most people will like. The cream is light on the skin and stays for long.

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My Experience 

Ayouthveda Sun Turn cream experience

For a long time, I had been on the lookout for a good sun protection cream. After experimenting with a variety of products, I discovered this cream, which I found to be quite beneficial to my skin. The cream blended well and instantly gave my skin a healthy glow. The best part I liked about the cream is that it doesn't stick to the skin. This cream comes with SPF 50, making it ideal for the current weather. 

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  • Absorbs quickly
  • Sun protection
  • Non-sticky
  • Face stays sweat free
  • Goodness of ayurveda
  • Good packaging
  • Instant glow


None for me


This is an excellent sun protection product.  It comes with SPF 50. The packaging is really elegant and has a pleasant fragrance. Using this cream made me fall in love with it as it fulfills all of my requirements for a sun protection cream. If you are looking for a good sun protection cream, this could be a good option for you.



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