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    Top 5 Indian Makeup Brands You Need To Get

    India is known for its beauty; here we have a list of top 5 Indian makeup brands you need in you makeup drawer.
    • Neha Pande
    • Editorial
    Published -08 Oct 2021, 13:47 ISTUpdated -08 Oct 2021, 16:38 IST
    top indian makeup comapnies

    Makeup is quite an important part of a girl's life; be it as a confidence aid or just because of the creative aspect of makeup. Many of you might think that makeup is more of a western concept but actually it older than that. Makeup and beauty products have been used in our country not only to make one look pretty but to also show status. 

    Women in India before khol and mascara was a thing, used soot from camphor. India has always been the land of organic makeup; we used berries, pants, vegetables, soil etc. to make makeup in the olden times. Here we have a list of top 5 Indian makeup brands you need to try out. 



    Lakme Cosmetics

    Lakmé is one of the biggest Indian cosmetic brands. Lakmé is not just your everyday makeup brand; lakmé is known for its own fashion week i.e. 'Lakmé Fashion Week' which is organized every year by Lakmé. 

    Lakmé is owned by Hindustan Unilever and was found in 1952. It is fascinating how Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru was concerned about women paying for foreign exchange on cosmetics which is how Lakmé came into being; as a solution to that. You can easily find steals and amazing dupes for high end luxury makeup. 


    Nykaa Beauty

    The one boss lady brand 'Nykaa' was founded by Falguni Nayar in 2012. You must have heard of the company since it is extremely famous for having all brands available for you to shop and its own amazing cosmetics. Nykaa is known for having proucts that will absolutely look stunning on brown skin and is a destination for shoppers of India as well as abroad. 

    Nykaa doesn't only have products for your every need but it's products are cruelty free. They also won't cause any skin irritation and you can find a product for all skin types. 

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    Kay Beauty

    Kay Beauty

    Kay Beauty by Katrina Kaif is a newer cosmetic line. Actually it is in partnership with Nykaa! Isn't that great? Two boss ladies supporting each other's businesses. Nykaa actually has Kay beauty on it shopping site so you better visit the site. 

    The brand is relatively new as it only launched recently in 2019 but it has created a great long lasting effect on its customers. You got to try the Kay Beauty liners; they are to die for! 



    Coloressence is one of the lesser known brands but the products are absolutely amazing. This is again, a cruelty free brand and is also extremely affordable. If you want dupes of higher end brands then you will find it here. The brand focuses on Indian skin and to make it look the best. 

    The motto of Coloressence is ‘Colour your lifestyle with Coloressence’; so how about you give this brand a go and colour your life with Coloressence.

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    Elle 18


    You might remember and associate Elle 18 with old adverts of a young Anushka Sharma endorsing the brand wearing bright colours. Elle 18 is an older Indian brand and is known for its funky bright colours fit for the youth. 

    The brand is most well known for its funky colourful nail shades; Elle 18 color bombs. The brand quite a lot like Lakmé is a part of Hindustan Unilever. If you want drugstore makeup but of great quality then Elle 18 is for you.


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