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    Tips To Lighten Or Bleach Your Hair At Home

    Turn long dark locks to beach blonde hair at home!
    • Neha Pande
    • Editorial
    Published -25 Oct 2021, 12:22 ISTUpdated -25 Oct 2021, 14:52 IST
    tips on how to bleach your hair

    Lightening your hair also known as bleaching your hair can be quite the change you need in your life. Bored of those long luscious dark locks and want to try some beachy blonde waves? Then lightening your hair is just what you need. 

    Bleaching or lightening can be a long and hard process and at times it is a pain for even the professionals to accomplish so trying it can home can be way harder than you think. But worry not because we have the best tips you need for lightening your hair at home. 

    Know Your Hair 

    know your hair type

    The one thing you should do before undergoing any hair treatment, bleaching or dyeing is to understand what your hair type is. Hair types can be broadly divided into three i.e. wavy, curly and straight though they do contain subtypes within them. Also you need to take your hair's thickness and density into consideration. 

    Dark Indian hair take more time to lighten than lighter finer hair and curly hair are thicker than normal hair. Also bleaching your hair more then 2 times can ruin your hair's integrity. Understanding the integrity of your hair is also another important thing before bleaching. If your hair is dry and has been dyed and bleached multiple times then it is better to stay away from bleach till your hair are healthy and good enough to lighten or bleach. 

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    Section Your Hair 

    Section your hair nicely

    Sectioning hair is extremely important while bleaching your hair. Unlike dye bleach does not easily penetrate through the hair so making sections help us distribute the bleach equally in your hair and will also make sure your hair does not have spotting all over it.

    Try to make 4 equal sections like four quadrants and tie them up. Untie one section and start working on that one section; work from the lower sections up to the crown of your head since it will be easier for you to flip the foils down and it will make lightening your roots way easier. Make sure your bleach is in a creamy consistency and is coated on nicely. Bleach does not lather so don't try to lather it in like shampoo. 

    Application Process

    application process

    Professionals make it look easy but lightening your hair on your own can be quite the task. The application process is long and meticulous. You have to take really small sections from your bigger section and then apply the lightener over it. 

    Start taking tiny section on top of a foil and then brush in depositing the creamy bleach but leave the roots and dye them 20 minutes after the rest of the hair. You always apply the lightener on the roots last as they process way faster than the rest of your hair due to the heat from the scalp. 

    Capture The Heat 

    capture the heat

    Capturing the heat is the most important step of all since bleaching is an exothermic process and it requires heat to lighten your hair. This is the main reason it is extremely important to foil each tiny sections of your hair as it captures the heat inside and helps the lightener develop faster. Also you should wear a shower cap or a have a plastic bag over your head covering your hair since it help to maintain a constant heat level on your head also it makes the process way faster. 

    You can even spray a bit of water inside the bag as the steam will help keep your hair hydrated. Lightener can cause the hair to dry up fast and once the lightner dries up it stops working so keeping it moist helps the lightener work better. 

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    Wash And Tone 

    wash and tone

    Washing your hair is extremely important since you need to get every bit of lightener out of your hair. Lightener left for a long time can destroy the integrity of your hair and dry them up. It is best to leave the lightener on for 40-45 minutes in one sitting. 

    Toning your hair is equally important as toning brings out the final product. It tones and refines your bleached hair giving them a shine cancelling out the yellowness of the bleach. If your hair are dark then bleaching them does leave a lot of yellow or orange so toning them once you are satisfied with the bleach work does miracles for the hair. 



    Lightening or bleaching is not child's play so it is very important to take precautions like:

    • You must wear gloves since bleach is a strong chemical and it will get on your hands. 
    • It is important to apply the bleach with a brush in a way that it does not get in your eyes; use a foil to shield your eyes. 
    • Do a strand test to make sure it is what you want and the bleach does not irritate your skin. If it does look like you wanted then do not bleach your hair or if it hurts your scalp then wash it right away and go to a professional. 
    • Make sure you know what you are putting on your hair and try to use 20-30 volume lightener and a T-18 or a bit higher volume toner but again consult with a professional or do your research before buying the products. 


    For more amazing articles stay tuned to HerZindagi and don't worry; it is hair and it will grow back so just have fun with it but if you do mess up then keep your hair hydrated and wait for it to get healthy before trying anything on it and go to a professional. 

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