With the wedding season on, there are many things in the pipeline for the families of the bride and groom. Weddings are the most hectic times for brides as they not only have to look after the arrangements but also shopping vigorously for their special day. Having so much on the plate to do, brides often forget their skincare and health.

Wellness Expert Dr. Namita Jain, Managing Director, Kishco ltd says that to avoid the last-minute prep for the big day, brides should start grooming themselves months ahead not only to look good but also to feel healthy and radiating inside out. To do so one must not only focus on chemical bridal treatments as the radiance to it only lasts for a few days whereas, focusing and sustaining a vigorous lifestyle can lead to a long-term glow, a healthy mind and body.

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The best natural way to add a healthy touch this bridal season is to replace general cutlery with Pure Kansa or copper plates, bowls and glasses. Pure Kansa or bronze is made of an alloy of Copper 78 percent and Tin 22 percent both heated together up to 700 centigrade to form pure bronze. Ancient wisdom tells us that unique pure Kansa has properties that emanate pure, spiritual vibration that not only purifies the food we eat but also alkalizes it making it gut-friendly.

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Known for its gold standards of amazing health benefits, it also has vital medicinal and healing properties, which the food or water kept in it acquires. It is suggested to keep water in a Kansa vessel for at least 8 hours since it has the ability to positively charge water balancing all three doshas present in body.

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Copper being one of the key elements used in the making of the bronze alloy it is also the key component in the production of Melanin that helps to restore healthy skin and slows down aging. Pollution, harsh sunlight, and of course, hormones all come together to play havoc on our skin making your skin rough and red, causing breakouts, whiteheads and blackheads popping out at will. Pure kansa helps in minimising signs of aging that begins with fine lines and tightens your skin by improving blood circulation within your body.

Drinking from Kansa vessels helps in vitalizing the restful sleep cycle and relieves muscle aches and pains. It also helps in balancing pH of your body leading to supple skin. Pure kansa also banishes toxins and improves lymphatic flow bringing fresh oxygen to skin. Regular usage of kansa leads to benefits like better skin texture, fine lines puffiness reduction, balances the acid content of your skin your body and brings out the natural glow from transformed oxygenated blood. Therefore, this bridal season take an easy way out to glow inside out.

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