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REVEALED! Beauty Secrets Of Your Favourite Bollywood Actresses

Bollywood actresses maintain a healthy skin routine that makes them look gorgeous all the time. Read their beauty secrets. 
Published - 12 Sep 2018, 10:09 ISTUpdated - 12 Sep 2018, 10:27 IST
beauty secrets of actresses

We all love how Bollywood actresses look flawless on the silver screen. Right from their glowing skin to fit body, everything is just perfect! They always look stunning but let's tell you that it is not only because of makeup. All these Bollywood actresses maintain a healthy skin routine that makes them look gorgeous. Here, sharing some beauty secrets of Bollywood actresses:

1Deepika Padukone

Deepika beauty secret

We all envy Deepika's flawless skin but what's the secret behind it? Well, Miss Padukone believes in healthy eating. She goes for face cleanups and massages whenever she gets time. She uses mild soaps for her skin. She makes sure that she completes her sleep cycle every day. 

2Katrina Kaif

Katrina beauty secret

She stresses more on the inner beauty instead of outer beauty. She uses mineral clay face pack for her skin concerns. Applying mineral face pack on skin eliminates excess oil and keeps the problems like pimples and blemishes at bay. Katrina Kaif is very strict regarding her eating schedule and she pays much attention to what she’s eating. She relies on boiled veggies and wheatgrass powder for nutrition. To enhance her beauty she consumes green tea on a regular basis.

3Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Aishwarya beauty secret

Aishwarya chooses home remedies over beauty products available in the market. She uses a mix of besan, milk, and haldi to clean up her face. She also uses a cucumber face mask for instant glow and freshness on her face. She always uses homemade products for her skin. After washing her face, she always makes sure that she moisturises it well as it keeps her face soft and beautiful.  

4Kareena Kapoor Khan

kareena beauty secret

We all love Kareena's rosy pink skin. The secret behind her beautiful skin is her healthy diet and fitness routine. She stays away from junk food and does a lot of Yoga that makes her skin look young. She doesn't apply any make-up when she is not shooting. She keeps her body hydrated all day by drinking lots of water. She believes drinking water makes your skin glowing and beautiful. 

5Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi beauty secret

Sonakshi loves cleaning her face with milk. She adds a pinch of turmeric to the milk before using it to clean her face. For open pores, she massages her face with ice every day. She makes sure that she removes all her makeup before she is off to sleep.