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    This Puppy Eyeliner Makeup Look Tutorial Will Keep You Updated With The Latest Beauty Trend

    Catch up with the latest Korean eye makeup beauty trend with this tutorial. 
    Updated at - 2021-06-19,12:24 IST
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    The makeup and skincare world has become a fan of how the Koreans do it and they are ruling the market like no other. If you too like their looks then it' time to catch up with their latest beauty trend - the puppy eyeliner makeup. Here is a detailed tutorial on how you can get that look, including what all must you invest in it. 

    What Is A Puppy Eyeliner?

    For a long time, we have known a cat-eye eyeliner where the line is drawn in a pointy way, towards the temple of our foreheads. However, a puppy eyeliner is the lopsided eyeliner style. It creates a line that droops downwards and makes your eyes look more rounded. 

    It is a cute look and gives you that innocent vibe like pups. You can leave your eyelids free of makeup or work on them with eyeshadow like a smokey eye. 

    With a cat eye, precision is very important while with a puppy line, you do not go wrong which makes it all even easier when it comes to application. 

    Puppy Eye Makeup Tutorial

    puppy eye


    First, cleanse your face thoroughly and moisturise well. 


    Apply a good eye primer so that the makeup lasts longer and smoothens out the base. 

    Eye Shadow

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    Now, for a smokey eye look, use the right brown eye makeup palette, or for a nude eye makeup look, reach out for a nude eye shadow collection. Pick a beige or the tone closes to your skin tone and sweep with a gentle hand across the eyelids. 

    Apply a peachish shade towards the outside to give some depth. Notice a puppy's eyes the next time you see one and it is even easier if you have one. They have a little darkness around the outside which adds depth to their innocent eyes. 

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    Eyeliner Application

    • Now, following the curve of your eye, draw a line with your eyeliner. Connect that line to the bottom lash line which will give you a triangle. 
    • Colour the triangle inside for the downward wing look. 
    • Blend it into your waterline of the upper lash line. 
    • Brighten up the inner corner of your eyes with a shimmer shadow and add a little sparkle. 
    • Next, for a finishing touch, add some mascara. 

    Do try the look and let us know the outcome. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more on eye makeup looks and the latest beauty trends. 

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