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    Top 5 Things To Check Before Booking A Salon-At-Home Service

    If you are planning to book salon at home services then keep these 5 points by expert in mind!
    Updated at - 2021-04-24,13:13 IST
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    In the 21st-century pandemic scenario, everyone is busy juggling between work from home, family, friends, and having a good time. But in this era of ‘having it all,’ we often forget to take care of ourselves, especially when living the city life. We put pressure on ourselves to do it all, thereby missing out on the small things that made us feel good.

    The visits to the parlour often lifted our mood as we had a pamper session and felt rejuvenated. But due to our busy schedules and COVID-19 topping it, salon-at-home services have now become an integral part of our lives. Today, salon-at-home services are much easier and convenient. The services can be availed at your preferred time and location as well as with your preferred beauty personnel. But there are certain things that the best salon-at-home service aggregators guarantee for you to sit back and relax in the comfort of your home.

    Here’s a roundup by Mr. Mayank Arya, the Co-founder of Yes Madam, of the top 5 you must check before booking a salon-at-home service:

    Safety And Hygiene


    It should be a customer’s top priority to select a service that not only offers them the best service but also takes care of safety measures, especially amid the pandemic. As salon services are provided close to the customer, the service provider should wear PPE kits and use sanitized tools and kits. The best Salon-at-home service providers ensure their professionals follow all 13 safety protocols for maintaining hygiene.

    Branded Products

    There has been enough buzz around the fact that the customers aren’t provided genuine products. They’re rather given non-branded products. Customers get cheated when branded product boxes are refilled with non-branded products. The best beauty service aggregator bridges this gap for providing the most transparent customer service. You should lookout for a salon-at-home service provider that uses mono doses so that refilling or tampering is avoided. In case the product is left over, it should be handed over to the customers.

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    Transparency In Pricing

    The customers have the right to know what they’re paying for. Transparency to price helps the customers decide whether or not they want it within the price range. The best salon-at-home service provider bifurcates the product and service charges that give the customers a better idea about what they are paying for. You should look out for at-home beauty service providers that use a per-minute pricing policy depending on the expertise of the beauticians.

    Trained Professionals


    The beauty service professionals should be well trained and with abundant knowledge about the services that are being offered. With practical, every beautician should have theoretical knowledge as well. They must learn to enhance and polish their skills from time to time. The best at-home salon services providers take utmost care of the fact that their service professionals are given the necessary training for the services offered to ensure safety and hygiene.

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    Quality Service

    Salon-at-home services should always prioritize quality standards service, as it’s the most important part of the entire service delivery. Beauty service aggregators should focus on providing services with care and attention. So, look out for service providers who have special training so that they can ensure to deliver quality services every time.

    Salon-at-home services can be your best bet if it meets all the essential criteria mentioned above. Thus, with safety & hygiene, quality products, affordable pricing, well-trained professions, and quality services, you can whole-heartedly enjoy all your grooming services with ease right at the comfort of your home.

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