This Naagin actress has great skin and has a huge following on social media. So we got our hands on what her beauty secrets are which are surprisingly very simple and easy to follow and you don't need expensive products for the same either. So without wasting time, let's dive into her fitness and beauty secrets.

Mouni's Fitness Secrets


Mouni being a trained Kathak dancer gives credit to the art form for her fit body. She suggests atleast 30 minutes of dancing daily if you want to remain fit. This works well especially for those who do not go to a gym and well due to the lockdown are unable to do so. This way you de-stress and have fun along with working out. Dancing for an hour burns 400 calories.

Stop Starving

food intervals

It is a wrong notion if people believe that by starving you lose weight, in fact, that can lead to imbalances in your body. Mouni suggests you eat every 2 hours like mini-meals as that helps the metabolism as well. 


She swears by atleast 10 glasses of water every day as that works on removing impurities in your body, gives your skin a glow from within as well. 

Ditch Junk Food

It is very easy to fall for junk food like Mouni herself loves Chinese and she loves drinking aerated drinks like a sprite. But she has made it a point to just have homemade food and not have food from outside. 

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Beauty Regime

Moisturisation Is The Key

Apply minimal makeup and moisturise your face in the morning. 


Mouni Roy swears by kajal and eyeliner and hardly steps out without it. She believes that it enhances your look a lot. 

Lip Balms

lip balms mouni

Now, this actress loves her hourly dose of lip balms. She has a huge variety of them and in a way collects the, You find atleast 3 to 4 lip balms in her bag whenever she is out. She reapplies her lip balm every now and then to keep them moisturised. 


Always have one bold lipstick and two nudes in your bag. 

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Avoid getting tanned by applying sunscreen. Keep a tube in your bags whenever you step out of your house and apply it at least 15 minutes before stepping out. 

She suggests taking the help of dermatologists to know the right type of products for your skin.

Remove Makeup Before Sleeping

It is not just Mouni but most celebs and all experts say that always remove your makeup before sleeping and get that gunk off your face. Mouni uses an oil-based cleanser to remove all the hard chemical-based make-up, as that breaks it all down properly.

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