Made up of a tough protective protein called alpha-keratin, nails are a significant part of the human body. It is like a shield and a tool that enable you to accomplish simple and complex tasks daily. We ladies, love our nails and like to adorn it with nail polishes, gems and stones. 

There are also others, who fail to maintain their nails, and in fact, end up biting them. If health reports are to be believed, there can be several reasons behind the same. The most common of all are overthinking about a problem, ignoring your anger or feelings, or simply chewing mindlessly. 

If you are also dealing with this issue, and are adamant about giving it up, here are a few tips that might help you. Check it out! 

Know What Triggers You

Know What Triggers You

First things first, try to identify what makes you bite your fingernails. In order to heal any disease, issue or bad habit, you must know what is causing you to do that. When you find yourself biting yourself, take a minute and think about what was going on in your mind at that moment. For better clarity, write those feelings down. So, the next time you find yourself in the same situation, you will be able to tackle it well. 

Trim Your Nails Really Short

This might make you uncomfortable for a while, but cutting your nails will definitely keep you from biting them. After all, no nails, no biting them up. Other than this, keeping nails short is an easier way to live. So many tasks become easy. And let’s not forget, it’s hygienic, as short nails prevent the spread of germs and nail infections. 

Coat Nails With Bad Tasting Nail Paint

Coat Nails With Bad Tasting Nail Paint

If you love your nails and don’t want to cut it off entirely, try to make it taste so bad that you automatically drop the idea of chewing or biting them. All you need to do is apply a nail paint that tastes bad. Some people can take the smell of chemicals, others hate fragrant nail polishes. Find what irritates you, and enhance the beauty of your using that. It might keep you from spoiling your nails any further. However, be very conscious that you don’t end up ingesting chemicals in the nail paint. If you don’t find yourself leaving the habit, at least don’t put yourself at any health risk. 

Try Fake Nails 

If you are in a habit of chewing your original nails, but even want long ones, switch the real ones with fake nails (how to fix broken nails). You won’t be actually chewing your fake nails, as it will feel awkward to the brain and tongue. Also, chewing fake nails is not easy as they are way harder than the consistency of your original nails.

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Reward Your Progress

Reward Your Progress

If after trying these hacks, you see slight progress in yourself, don’t forget to reward yourself. This will keep you motivated to move forward and meet your end goals. You can reward yourself by eating the food that you like, or by gifting yourself gifts like new nail care kit, nail polishes (5 nude nail paints), nail stickers, etc. 

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