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Here Are 3 Ways You Can Make Your Eyes Appear Smaller For A Gorgeous Eye Makeup Look!

Want to make your eyes pop? Here are 3 ways you can make your eyes appear smaller to let the makeup highlight the look! 
Published -14 Feb 2022, 13:14 ISTUpdated -14 Feb 2022, 13:20 IST
how to make your eyes look small

The eyes are the first feature on the face where the attraction of an individual lies. While a woman is getting ready, her entire focus generally lies in the eye area specifically. 

There are about a million things to do in and around your eyes to make them the most attractive possible. While many females are born with naturally big eyes, they are in need to tone down the emphasis of the eyes to let the enhancement of the makeup become visible. 

Here are 3 effective ways which let your makeup pop while giving a belief of a much smaller appearance of the eyes! 

Cat Eye Liner 

Liners are a much-appreciated art of makeup for many men and women who love makeup out there. A stroke of black has been essential for the longest that we know of. Many women feel incomplete without the touch of a liner. 

Cat eyeliner has become a viral trend for the past years and has had a tremendous liking towards it. Cat eyeliner was initially worn as a way of warding off evil spirits. For today’s time, it is more of a trend than a myth. 

Here’s how you can draw a cat eyeliner stroke to make your eyes appear smaller- 

  1. Apply a neutral eyeshadow colour to your crease as a base colour. 
  2. Angle a brush from your nose to your outer eyebrow to find an endpoint of your eyeliner
  3. Use the eyeliner to make a dot just above your crease to mark the tip of your wing.
  4. Draw a line connecting the dot to the outer corner of your eye.
  5. Draw a line connecting the dot to the middle of your upper lash line.
  6. Fill in the outline you have made, if necessary.
  7. Clean up any mistakes with a pointed cotton swab or a wet wipe. 
  8. Draw a line to connect the inner corner of your eye with your cat-eye.
  9. Thicken the line as it gets closer toward the outer corner of your eye.

Mascara To The Bottom Lashline 

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Mascara is another way to go! Mascara has been an all-time favourite beauty product for all of us. It lifts up your eyelashes, making your eyelashes look bolder and longer. 

While mascara may be used to make your eyes appear bigger in size, it also helps it make it appear smaller. 

All you need to do is apply the mascara to your bottom lash line too! 

While applying mascara to the lower lash line, remember to only use the tip of the mascara wand! This technique will help you avoid any clumps. Also, opt for a waterproof formula for the lower lash line! 

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Darker Eyeshadow 

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Apply dark eyeshadow, preferably brown shades on the outer corners of your lids and then slowly blend it inwards. When you apply dark eyeshadow on the outer corners, less light reflects off the surface of the eyelid thereby making your eyelids appear smaller.

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