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Have You Been Doing Your Eyebrows The Right Way?

Have you been doing your eyebrows the right way all along? Here’s an ultimate guide to help you out! 
Published -07 Feb 2022, 11:52 ISTUpdated -07 Feb 2022, 11:59 IST
eyebrows according to face

The beauty industry has been a big sensationalized sector in the fashion industry. With beauty being so focused on feature enhancement, there have been many products that come into play when we speak of 1 specific feature in mind like the eyes or the lips. 

Features have not been limited only to the facial ones today, we see a lot of product usage on body parts like the arms, cleavage, and also the abdominal area to create an illusion of abs. 

Why Fill Your Eyebrows?

Filling out your eyebrows in something totally depends on your personal view of your eyebrows. If you have a good bush of brows, some strokes of powder-stricken brush can help enhance the look of your eye while making your eye colour pop. 

If you have little hair on your eyebrows, it is a much better idea to shape and stroke them with powder or mascara to help your eyebrows give your facial features a better illusion. 

Eyebrow Shapes 

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With many faces and face shapes around the world, people are bound to have several types of eyebrow shapes, aren’t they? 

An eyebrow shape also helps in carving your face into a much-structured face with the right techniques involved. 

Rounded brows on a rounded face will only make it appear rounder. The objective is to make this face shape look longer and the jaw appears narrower.

Opt for a soft lifted arch and a lengthened tail to create the illusion of a longer face and slimmer jawline.

A square face tends to have more angular features. Our objective is to make this face shape look longer and the jawline appears more narrow. Opt for a soft lifted arch and a lengthened tail which will help to elongate the face and make the jawline look slimmer.

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The oval face shape is seen as the ideal face shape because it suits many styles of the brow. That said there are still a couple of rules to abide by to achieve the most flattering brow shape on an oval face.

A long face is typically oblong or rectangular in shape and tends to be very narrow with close and deep-set eyes. Our objective is to make this face shape appear shorter and wider. Opt for a flatter curved brow shape with a shallow arch and longer tails to make the face look shorter and wider at the temples. 

If your face is heart-shaped, you will see that the forehead is the widest part of the face with the narrowest being the point on the chin. Our objective is to make the forehead appear narrower and in turn soften the chin, making it look less ‘pointy’. Opt for a softly shaped brow with a very slight curve that is shorter in length and closer together to draw attention to the middle of the face and balance the proportions.

Things You’ll Need 

For an eyebrow filling process, here’s a couple of things you’ll require- 

  • Spoolie 
  • A Pomade Or Brown Shaded Eyebrow Powder 
  • An Angular Brush 
  • An Eyebrow Mascara 
  • Concealer 

Step-By-Step Eyebrow Filling 

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Start: Begin by placing your brow pencil vertically at the middle of each nostril and then mark the starting spot of your eyebrows.

Middle: Pivot the pencil from the side of your nose, to find the midpoint or arch of your eyebrow.

End: Finally angle the pencil from the side of your nose to the outer corner of your eye to find the tail of your eyebrows.

  1. Brush up your eyebrows using a spoolie towards the direction of the arch. 
  2. You can then dip the arched brush into the pomade or the eyebrow powder and brush strokes on your eyebrow with a very light hand. 
  3. Starting from the middle, go to the start of your eyebrow with the least amount of product on your brush for the starting of your eyebrow. 
  4. With your powder or pomade work being done, you can then brush your eyebrows again with a spoolie to avoid any harsh lines and make the beginning on your eyebrows a little ombre as that seems naturally occurring. 
  5. You can now use a concealer to conceal your eyebrows. Apply the concealer using a brush all around the eyebrows and blend it using a blender or a brush, whatever is comfortable to use. This will help conceal any extra powder lines. 
  6. To finish your eyebrow, you can now go in with eyebrow mascara and set your eyebrows with a light hand and a shade closer to your eyebrows.  

What Products To Use 

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There are many products you can use for an eyebrow filling process. The most commonly used products are as mentioned. 


Those with very sparse brows and looking for a quick way to fill them in will love a pomade. For those with brows on the thicker side, a pomade will make them more powerful 


If you have gaps in your brows, asymmetry, or sparse tails, this product is designed for you! 


Most brow experts agree that anyone can use a powder if they’re aiming for a softer brow look. Streicher notes you may want to avoid them if you have dry skin, though.


Anyone. Those with coarse, unruly brows will particularly benefit.


Anyone with wiry brow hair or hair growing in different directions that they would like to tame can benefit from wax.

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