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Is Orange The New Blush Colour In Town? Here Are All The Details To Guide You Through!

Why has the orange blush been trending? Here are all the details! 
Published -06 Feb 2022, 10:00 ISTUpdated -05 Feb 2022, 16:27 IST
orange blush trend

Blush has been an integral part of our makeup routine, isn’t it? There’s so much that one can do with a blush that we can’t even imagine. Blush is one such product that you can use as a multi-purpose product, that goes well on your eyelids too if used as an eyeshadow! 

Well, if you are speaking of blush, there have been numerous shades that have been introduced to the markets. With different shades being available, people have started making preferences and picking on techniques to go for their desired looks! 

What Is The New Blush Colour? 

Orange blush tone has been the new talk of the town. With shades like purple, coral, and pink already out in the open, people discovered how the orange shade could also bring a significant amount of change to the apple of your cheeks. 

Where Did The Trend Begin?

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The orange blush technique has been going viral all over a social media platform, Pinterest, that has had a Japanese technique involved. With the Japanese technique, you can apply the blush in a different way than usual to give your cheeks a natural lift. 

As the technique suggests, you need to apply the blush only on the front of the apple of your cheeks and blend a little towards the ears on both sides. The emphasis of the blush shall remain on the apple rather than blending out too much. 

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Why Go For An Orange Shade?

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Orange may seem like a bright shade as you look at the palette but it’s actually a warm shade as you go on the application of the product. 

If you naturally tend to run on the rudder side, orange blush is a smart alternative since it won’t pick up any red from your cheeks. Instead, you're left with a warm, believable glow that doesn't look unnatural come Christmas.

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Does The Orange Suit All Skin Tones?

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Many people have been going with the trend and going in for the orange flush as we speak. With that out in the open, we can safely say, orange is definitely a blush colour that suits everybody. 

It’s always about a hit and trial method to follow. Now that brands have come up with mini-sized sample products for trials and purchase, it is easier for people to try and test out products before investing in a full-sized product. 

Any Celebrities Vouching For It?

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It was Kylie Jenner that had put a great emphasis on 2 blush shades by Dior. The shades have been baby pink and an orange flush, which is widely used by many women in the United States of America and Canada today. For a makeup guru like Kylie Jenner to vouch for a product like that, it definitely has some effect that has a visible impact. 

Are you planning on trying the orange blush trend too? Connect with us over Instagram and let us know in the comment section. Stay tuned to HerZindagi for more tips and tricks!

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