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Try A Single Strand Before You Colour Your Entire Hair

Are planning on colouring your hair soon? Read this article and find out how to do a strand test along with its importance.
Published -16 Jul 2021, 14:31 ISTUpdated -03 Jan 2022, 17:20 IST
why do a strand test

We all love experimenting with colours on our hair. And we saw this happening even more during the lockdown when people were stuck at home and wanted to try a lot of things at home by themselves. 

Even though colouring your hair is not a very difficult task and it does not really require a lot of effort or labour. However, there are a few things that must be kept in mind, like the quality of the colour being used, the precautions that need to be taken to protect the hair and skin from damage, and strand test that needs to be done before actually going ahead with the colour. If you didn't know about the importance of the strand test then you have had incomplete knowledge about hair colouring. So, we are here to tell you how to do your strand test and why it is so important.

How To Do Strand Test 

how to do strand test

As we said, it is very important to do your strand test before dyeing your hair so as to know how your colour will turn out to be along with whether or not there are any possibilities of allergic reactions, etc. Follow the below-given steps to do your strand test.

  • Start by putting on your plastic gloves provided in the kit since these protect the skin from exposure to toxic substances.
  • Prepare your colour by mixing the developer with the dye and using a disposable cup for the same otherwise the utensils you use will become dirty and stained.
  • Also, if the dye gets on your skin, then immediately remove it with warm water.
  • If you mix the entire dye at once, for now, you will be needing a little amount for a few strands so mix accordingly as mixing it ahead might not work out afterwards since you are supposed to apply the dye immediately.
  • Take the strand of your hair that is most isolated, like the one behind your ear. Also, remember not to apply the colour on the roots at all. 
strand test procedure
  • Once you have picked the strand, pull back the rest of the hair and pin it up so that it doesn't get in the way of the process. 
  • In addition to that if you want to cover your grey hair with this colour,  then take a strand of your grey hair(colour your hair black with alum) from your comb(or head) and dye that.
  • Next, apply the dye over the strand covering the entire portion nicely from the upper end of your hair up to the tips. 
  • Now leave the colour on for about 30 minutes and wash your hair with water. 
  • Dry the strand completely and wait for 24  hours for the best results. If the ingredients of the dye do not irritate you or cause itching then you are free to proceed with colouring all your hair but if it does happen then do not dye your hair.
  • Further, you can also determine the result of the colour, if it turns out to be okay. Then your strand test is successfully complete.

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Why Do Strand Test? 

Strand test importance

  • A strand test is extremely important for the following reasons:
  • It can prevent a major accident from happening. 
  • It gives you a preview of the colour(how to prevent hair colour from fading) result on your hair and thus helps you determine how you would look.
  • It further, tells you how long you should keep the dye on your hair.
  • It also lets you know if you are allergic to a particular colour or not.

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So, the next time you colour your hair does remember to do this strand test. Stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more.

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