It’s rare to find any girl who doesn’t like to wear kajal in her eyes, it’s that one beauty product that no woman can do without. kajal can instantly make your eyes look bright and your face more alive, but applying the chemical loaded kajal daily can prove to be harmful to your eyes which can cause infections and irritation in long run. So we have come up with an easy way of making your kajal at home which is not just safe to use but also beneficial for your delicate eyes.


Let’s look at how to make kajal at home

kajal recipe


  • Ghee
  • Open Lamp or Diya
  • Matchbox

How To Make?

  • First thing is to place the diya on a plate and add ghee to it
  • Now lit the lamp and put an inverted plate on it
  • Hold the plate for few minutes till you start noticing a black film under the inverted plate
  • Now scrape this black soot and sore it in a container
  • Add ghee to it and your kajal is ready to apply

Camphor Kajal

kajal tips

Another homemade way for making a kajal is by adding camphor to your kajal


  • Camphor 2-3
  • diya
  • two plates

How To Make?

  • Place the camphor in a diya and lit it with a matchbox, make sure to put a plate under this as well
  • Now let it burn completely and put an inverted plate on the diya
  • Once it is burnt fully you can then scrape off the soot collected under the inverted plate
  • Store it in a container and use it whenever you want


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Sandalwood Kajal

prepare kajal AnothAer Another natural way of preparing a kajal is by using Sandalwood powder


  • Sandalwood powder
  • Lamp and matchbox
  • Two plates
  • Castor oil 

How To Prepare?

  • Make a paste of sandalwood powder by adding few drops of water
  • First, soak up the muslin cloth in sandalwood paste then let it dry naturally
  • Now roll the dried sandalwood powder and make a wick put this wick in the diya
  • Add ghee and place the diya on a plate and another one on top of it
  • Let it burn completely and then collect the scoot with the help of a fork or spoon

What Are The Benefits Of These Ingredients For Your Eyes?

Ghee has natural cooling properties

Ghee is also very nutritious that helps to keep the dark circles at bay

Ghee can also help with the growth of your eyelashes

Ghee also removes the salt deposit in your eyes

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Camphor also provides a cooling effect for your eyes

The smell of camphor is known to reduce stress and induce good sleep


Sandalwood Powder 

The smell of Sandalwood naturally induces calmness and reduce anxiety

It keeps your eyes cool and helps you with sleeping better

We hope you found these easy-to-make kajal recipes useful. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more