Summer is here which means it's time to deal with tanning and walk around with sunglasses, scarfs, and various sun care products. Most people are becoming increasingly aware of skincare. Be it pollution or harmful rays of the sun, they carry necessary protection along. However, some innocent slips here and there and ends up damaging their skin, which may lead to dullness and tanning, among other problems.

To tackle these day to day hassles in summer, Mrs. Vandana Luthra, Founder, and Co-Chairperson of VLCC Group, shares some insights into the world of skin-care that will help you steer through the season without compromising on your complexion or losing your skin’s natural glow. Read through!

A Sunscreen: Saviour for Summers


Scorching heat and UV rays-- the recipe for a usual summer day-- can wreak havoc on your skin leading to tanning and in extreme cases, sunburn. Essentially, sunscreen works to shield your skin against UVA and UVB rays. Additionally, sunscreen protects your skin from tan, dark spots, pigmentation, sagging of skin and discolouration making it an irreplaceable part of your skin-care regime.

Tip: Research has shown that applying sunscreen once a day is not enough, so make sure you carry a broad-spectrum sunscreen with high boot star rating (preferably 4 star and above) in your bag and re-apply a generous amount every two to three hours depending on the climatic condition and your exposure to sun to prevent tanning. Buy VLCC Water Resistant Sunscreen Gel Creme, SPF 60, for Rs 310, here

An Anti- Tan Facewash

This technique of tan removal is probably the simplest one as everyone uses a face-wash as part of their skin-care regime. Thus you don’t have to go out of your way to incorporate an extra step. Opt for a face wash that primarily targets tan removal along with removing impurities and excess sebum on your skin’s surface, leaving your pores cleansed and skin afresh. Buy VLCC Anti Tan Skin Lightening Face Wash Combo Pack of 2 for Rs 316, here.

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Tip: Always go for a paraben-free face wash for more effective and safe results.

Body Lotion

body lotion

One common mistake people make is not considering their body an equal bearer of the harmful effects of the sun. While they do protect their face through facials and sunscreen, the rest of their body has to face the brunt of sun without protection, leading to uneven skin tone between face and the body, sun burns and sagging of skin. While body lotions are looked as means of hydration, lotions with SPF function just as much to combat the UV rays. Buy Vaseline Healthy Bright Daily Brightening Body Lotion, 400 ml for Rs 224, here.

Suncare for your body is equally important as your face so investing in a hydrating and soothing body lotion with a good SPF can go a long way to save your body against tanning.

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Facial to the Rescue


Facials are a post-damage control measure that can reverse the tanning caused by exposure to the sun. Facials work on your skin’s outermost layer, giving your skin cellular protection, purifying it, thus exuding a youthful glow from within. Facials come with various properties and for myriad reasons, so opt for an anti-tan facial that will help break down dead cells and mitigate the harsh effects of the summer season on your skin.

Bleaching for rejuvenation

Bleaching is one of the most effective go-to solutions for getting instant glow prior to an important function or removing tan and impurities. The unique formula of a bleach works to remove the first layer of your skin containing impurities like dust, dirt and excessive oil that clog the pores. Once the impure layer is sloughed off, your skin is free of tan, blemishes and dark spots. Make sure you patch-test the bleach on your arm or neck to see if it’s safe on your skin.

Take care of your skin this summer by incorporating these sun care products, hydrate yourself and don’t let the sun fade that glow. VLCC has an array of sun-care products that focus to effectively remove tan and protect skin from damage and impurities.