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    Celeb Approved Eye Makeup For Different Wedding Ceremonies

    Confused as to how your eyes must be done at your wedding ceremonies? Here is a guide for you! 
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    Updated at - 2021-09-03,15:11 IST
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    When they say that the eyes of a woman speak what she dares not say, they definitely mean it. Our eyes are the most expressive parts in our body and the ones that give away all our emotions! 

    If they are so important then they obviously must be paid attention to on one of the most important days of our life- our wedding! 

    What we do with our eyes on the different ceremonies of the wedding makes us not only look beautiful, but it also brings to life the entire vibe that the ceremony brings about. Needless to say, great eye makeup fetches us great pictures as well! To help you pick the perfect eye colour for the various wedding ceremonies, here is a guide for you!  

    Opt For Happy Colour In Haldi 

    haldi eye makeup

    Image Credit: kriti sanon instagram

    Your haldi ceremony is a celebration of your youthfulness. While you are about to get married in just a few days, this ceremony lets you explore your last few days of singlehood! Eventhough your wedding colours are usually red and golden, for your haldi, opt for shades of pink. In fact, we suggest you to go crazy with colourful kajals and liners! Look every bit of crazy because you will never be single again! 

    Smokey For Sangeet/Mehendi 

    sangeet function eye makeup smokey eyes look

    Image Credit: kiara advani instagram

    For your sangeet or mehendi ceremony, considering they are evening functions, we recommend you opt for a dark and smokey look. You have to look every bit of sizzling at this ceremony and make all your exes drool, so do not go for the usual colourful palette. A smokey, dark and dazzling look is what you are aiming for! 

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    The Big Day

    wedding day eye makeup tips

    Image Credit: assets.vogues, kriti sanon instagram

    We know the latest trend has been playing with subtlety, however, what fun is it to go low on your own wedding? You are the bride, you are the most important person present in the hall, so, look your part and statement with your makeup! Wear dark colours on your eyes, give your eyes a shimmery touch, wear heavy liners and rock your big day! 

    You can also opt for a comparatively lighter shade and a big bindi followed by tinny ones at the periphery of your eyebrow. This look is usually opted by the Bengali brides and we all have heard about the Bong Beauties, haven’t we! 

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    Shine In Your Reception(Quite Literally)

    wedding reception eye makeup

    Image Credit: anushka sharma instagram

    What you are aiming for in your reception eye makeup is a blend of your sangeet and wedding look. Add the dazzle of your wedding and the smokiness of your sangeet. This is the first time your in-laws are getting to show you off as their daughter-in-law so make sure to shine bright like a diamond! 

    We hope you found this article helpful! If you wish to read more such content, stay tuned to HerZindagi! 

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