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  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial, 18 Jan 2022, 15:09 IST

5 Easy Ways To Straighten Your Hair Naturally

If you are a big fan of straightened hair but are not keen on using chemical products, this article is just for you!
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial, 18 Jan 2022, 15:09 IST
naturally straighten your hair

Who doesn’t want those long and sleek straightened hair? Having super straight hair is probably on every girl’s mind because it is really versatile. It can easily go well with your ethnic looks and complement your western looks at the same time. Apart from looking top-notch, it is also easy to manage. For all those ladies with wavy hair, we do understand your diurnal struggle with your here. To cope with it once and for all, we bring to you easy tips and tricks to straighten your hair naturally without the use of heat or any other harmful chemical products. Yes, you heard it right, you can straighten your hair naturally. 

comb wet hair gently

Comb Wet Hair Gently

Combing your hair when it’s wet is one of the surefire ways to straighten your hair naturally. Take sections of your hair and run the comb gently. Right after stepping out of shower, take a few moments to dab your hair with a towel to remove excess water trapped in your hair. After the hair is left damp, run the comb through. You can even secure your hair with a few bobby pins for a little while. As soon as your hair dries up, it will surely appear straighter and frizz free.  

all natural serum

Applying An All Natural Hair Serum

The market is brimming with serums that are perfect for straightening your hair. Choose natural hair serums that save your hair from unnecessary damage. Sermus don’t just help to straighten your hair but they also help in making your hair healthier and shinier. Added to the straightening benefits, serums also help control frizziness and tame your hair. In no time, you will be able to flaunt those long and super sleek tresses once you have incorporated this step into your hair care routine. 


Applying Egg Mask

Eggs are known for being good sources of protein. Well, eggs can also be used to straighten your hair. It is an ingredient which is easily available in an Indian household. From straightening effects to shiny hair, egg hair masks are extremely beneficial as a hair care method. Egg hair masks are super nourishing. Just a week’s use of egg masks will be enough for you to see the results. 

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Hot Oil Treatment

Treating your hair with oodles of hot oil is something our grandmother’s have always insisted on. It is certainly our granny’s secret to those long and healthy tresses. Hot oil treatment is one of the natural ways to straighten your hair out. If you wish to steer clear of the damaging and harmful products, do give this hot oil treatment a shot. You are sure to fall in love with how easily it straightens and repairs your damaged hair. 

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apple cider

Apple Cider Vinegar

Another magical ingredient which you can use to achieve super sleek hair is to use apple cider vinegar on your hair. Apple cider vinegar has started to receive much attention lately because of its health and weight loss benefits. The lesser known fact about apple cider vinegar is that it helps in smoothing out your wavy hair. Rich in hair-improving vitamins and amino acids, apple cider vinegar also helps in strengthening and improving your hair quality as well. 

If you wish to share any of your favourite hair straightening tips with us, do let us know by commenting on our Facebook and Instagram page. Stay tuned to HerZindagi to read more such stories! 


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