Do you leave your hair open, uncovered everytime you step out of the house? This makes your hair weak and dull but you don't realise it right away. This damages your hair slowly and takes away all the shine. Also, summers are here and in no time, your hair gets sweaty and smelly. Now what to deal with it? You need to keep your hair hydrated during summers to keep the shine intact. Instead of using chemical loaded products, you can do this interesting DIY at home. Here are some easy steps that will make your hair mist at home. It is easy to make and really effective. 

How To Make Homemade Hair Mist?

hair mist recipe

There are a lot of hair mists available in the market but you never know what all ingredients are present in it and they can damage your hair too. Making this homemade mist is really easy, with just two ingredients, you can make it quickly. What are the ingredients? Rose water and coconut oil. While coconut oil nourishes your hair, makes them healthy and shiny, rose water helps you hydrate your hair. Using this hair mist will make your hair stronger, prevent hair fall and split ends. 

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  1. 3 tablespoon coconut oil
  2. 1 cup rose water


hair mist home remedies for hair

Begin with melting coconut oil. Add it to a bowl and add 1 cup rose water to it. Mix the two ingredients well. Now take a spray bottle and fill in this mix. Before washing your hair, spray this hair mist on your hair. Spray it all over your hair, from the roots to the length of the hair. Massage your hair a little. If you have dry and dull hair, you can also apply this mist on your hair before going to bed and keep it overnight. After shampoo in your hair, you can use this hair spray again. It will make your hair shine. Don't Miss These Tips Will Help You Prevent Your Hair Getting Sweaty, Oily In Summers

This hair mist is really easy to make, it has some great results for your hair. You can keep it handy in your bag and spray it on your hair whenever you feel there is a need for it.