Disha Patani has been the national crush of every young Indian and we can’t really get enough of how adorable she is. The perfection with which she works, the fitness motivation, and her beautiful face and hair compliment her as a person and leave a lasting image of her inside our hearts. 

But what we love the most about her look is her no-makeup makeup look. Disha has never been spotted in over the top makeup and kept up her simplicity at all times. Her makeup look is super light, breathable, and attractive that you can help but be mesmerised by it.  And we know that all girls out there would vouch for Disha’s dewy no-makeup makeup look, so, we are here with a tutorial from Disha herself, that will essentially explain how you can go about her iconic no-makeup look.

Start Off With A Primer

disha patani

Since Disha likes to skip the foundation, she also feels it necessary to apply a good face primer after hydrating and moisturising her skin with a creamy moisturiser and sunscreen.  Taking the primer Disha applies it all over her face with her fingers, you can also use a brush for the same. The primer coat makes the skin look healthier and glowing.

Glow Primer 

Next up, Disha moves on to apply a glow primer which allows an inner glow to your skin. This primer she applies only on the high areas of her face just in order to add that extra glimmer. She drops the primer on the desired areas and dabs it over the face with her fingers.


Moving on with the no-makeup look, Disha explains the importance of a concealer. She uses the concealer to go over the imperfect areas of her face which appear to be darker and hyperpigmented. So, she first applies the primer from the innermost corner of the eye to the outer region by dabbing it a little. Then she goes over the areas of her forehead and the lips. She also uses an eye shadow base by applying it over her eyelids before the shadow.

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Eye Shadows

disha patani

Start by choosing a very light brown shade of eye shadow and gently dab it over your eyes. The eye shadow that she uses has small glitter particles in it which take you towards the dewy look. Next, she applies another eye shadow that is glittery but subtle and finally she goes over with an eye shadow topper in the silver shade, which she applies on the center of her lids.


After completing her eye shadow, Disha moves on to apply the mascara, the mascara makes the eyes look bolder and bigger and your look more defined. Therefore, make sure to apply good mascara on your lashes to make your eyes stand out. After you’re done with the mascara, move on and fill your brows nicely shaping them right and defining them. 

Blush It On

Taking a little bit of blush on her fingertips, Disha(Disha Patani tutorial of daytime glam) applies the blush on the cheekbones and dabs it all on her skin, she tops it up with a blush topper with shimmers. And then applies the cream highlighter on the cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow, eyebrow line, etc. Finally, she uses a brush to go over the entire face with the setting powder in order to avoid sweat, etc. 

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disha patani

Keeping it all minimal again, she takes a peachy orange lip colour and taking it on the tips of her finger she applies it on her lips just a little, next she completes the look with a lip oil that hydrates and moisturises the lips. There you go! Your dewy no-makeup makeup look is done, flaunt it with your favourite outfits and you’ll rock the show.

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 (Image Courtesy: Instagram Disha Patani)