Even though waxing is a painful process, it is till date one of the most opted procedures when it comes to hair removal. This is because we tend to trust waxing more due to the several other myths that surround shaving of hair. Moreover, hair growth is also a little slow after waxing when compared to shaving. A few minutes of pain undergone during waxing has the benefit of us being able to use our complete wardrobe for at least the next fifteen days. However, have you ever gone to a parlour and been faced with a variety of waxes? Sugar, Rica, chocolate, and whatnot. Unless and until you know what the benefits of each of the waxes are how are you going to make an informed decision? Therefore, we are here today to share with you the different types of waxes and why you should opt for either of them!

Rica Wax

Rica wax is also commonly known as white chocolate wax. One thing that makes Rica wax stand out when compared to other waxes is that all the other waxes have a substance called Colophony which the Rica wax is devoid of. This substance is responsible for causing the irritation and redness that we are often faced with after waxing. This is why after applying this, you will not be faced with any post-wax effects. Moreover, it moisturises the skin as well. Therefore, not only does this method remove hair but also leaves the skin hydrated and shining. It might be a little costlier than the normal wax but has its own benefits.

Chocolate Wax

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The closest alternative to normal waxing that you are faced with is chocolate wax. While the women at the parlour tell you all kinds of benefits of chocolate waxing with respect to tan removal and whatnot, let us tell you the actual properties of the same. Chocolate wax causes lesser pain when compared to normal wax and even lesser redness. If your skin is sensitive and experiences an inflammation after every waxing session, chocolate wax should be your next try! Moreover, cocoa is very good for your skin and is proven to lighten your tan. 

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Fruit Wax

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Fruit wax is ideal for waxing sensitive areas of the body, like your underarm or your face. Since it is made from fruit extracts, it nourishes the skin and is very gentle. All you need to do is apply it to your sensitive areas. It is a hard wax technique that not only removes hair but also exfoliates the skin due to the packed anti-oxidants. Therefore, this is ideal if you are very susceptible to pain and also if you wish to undergo a bikini waxing.

Cold Wax

This is a technique that people mostly use as a last resort. Here the wax is already applied on the wax strips that you get packed in a box. All you need to do is make sure your skin is exfoliated well, dry it properly and apply the cold wax strip and press it down. Pull in the opposite direction. The benefits of this one include time efficiency, no stress of burns, and cost-effectiveness!

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This is yet another new technique that all the parlours have been adopting. You would have even seen people try this method at home. So what exactly is sugaring? The sugar paste is created using sugar, lemon juice and water. A sticky paste is made which is then applied on the skin and pulled out to remove the hair. This method is way less painful than waxing and does not cause irritation on the skin. Moreover, it won’t leave behind any kind of sticky residue on the skin like waxing usually does. The use of lemon causes the skin to brighten and pulls out the tan and dead skin cells as well. 

These were the various benefits of different types of waxing techniques. If you found this article useful, stay tuned to Her Zindagi for more such content!