Coco coir is the dry husk that is found on the outer covering of the coconuts.  The outer hairy layer of the coconut is generally considered to be waste but that is not true. 

Coconut husk that is better known as coco coir, is great for plants and is recycled to make a lot of stuff including crafts and other household use items. But that apart, coco coir is unexpectedly very great for your hair health.  Don't believe us? Then take a look at this article to find out more about it.

Benefits Of Coco Coir For Hair


  • Coconut coir is the fibre obtained from the outer layer of the coconut shell. 
  • It is surprisingly great for your hair too. The coir is amazing for soothing your skin and providing you relief against mild irritation. 
  • It is further also very mild and can be used by those who have mild skin. 
  • The coco coir also cleans the scalp thoroughly and exfoliates it for better cleansing. This process also helps in getting rid of the dirt and dust that gets clogged in the pores.
  • Further, this fiber from coconuts is also known for absorbing excess oils from your scalp. So, those who have itchy scalps or oily scalps must definitely try this home remedy.

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  • This is also known to balance out the pH levels of your scalp and provide nutrients(nutrients for better hair health) such as potassium and Vitamin B to your hair.
  • It gives your hair a smooth and lustrous texture. And also repairs the damaged hair, leveling down all the frizz and dryness.
  • The coco coir rubs through the skin of the scalp and this, in turn, increases the blood circulation at the scalp area. When your blood circulation is perfect, your scalp remains healthy and your hair gets the right amount of nutrition that they need.
  • In addition to that, this fibrous product is also known to make your hair more nourished and hydrated. This also makes your hair super strong and keeps them from falling off.
  • Therefore you must make this natural ingredient a part of your hair care regime, this will make your hair just like you want them to be.

Application Of Coco Coir


Well, you definitely must be wondering how this hair mask can be used for your hair. Well, it won’t work if you start rubbing some strands of this fibre over your hair. But it surely will when you wash your hair with a rinse created with coco coir(Coconut milk beauty benefits). 

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How To Make Coco Coir Hair Rinse


  • To make the coco coir hair rinse, all you have to do is take some coco coir in a bowl.
  • Boil around 1 cup of water in a pan and then just pour the water into the coir bowl. 
  • Let it soak in the water for at least 3 hours and then using a sieve just remove the coir fibers and your hair rinse is ready!
  • Just wash your hair, condition them, and then wash your hair with the coco coir rinse and you’re done!
  • Lastly, towel dry your hair and they will turn out to be super smooth and glossy, thanks to the amazing hair rinse.

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