Be it off-duty or on-duty, celebrities and their hair are always on point. We have to give a lot of credit to the hardworking hairstylists who work behind the scenes and ensure that B-town celebs have their hair styled in place 24*7.

All these years what has surprised me really is that inspite of having their gorgeous tresses undergo heat styling tools almost everyday, their hair looks super healthy. 

Most hairstylists recommend avoiding heat styling in the long run. However, because of their work, celebrities can't really avoid it. So, what makes their hair still look so shiny and healthy?

We recently spoke to celebrity hairstylist, Priyanka Borkar who has worked with celebrities like Alia Bhatt and Priyanka Chopra and asked her to spill some secrets to the gorgeous hair of the B-town divas.

Heat Damage On Hair 

The expert shared that heat damage is one of the most common damages her celebrity clients suffer from. She shared that excessive heat can permanently break the S-S or disulphide bonds which give strength to your hair. Heatthat is more than 250 degrees can do irreversible damage and this can happen especially when the tools you use don’t have a steady temperature control

Using high heat styling products on hair can take away the protein and break the peptide bonds which lead to protein leaching and increased hair porosity.

hair styling heat tools

Hairstylist Priyanka Borkar then shared that though heat damage is not reversible, it can be controlled and maintained. The proteins which are lost with heat damage can be restored with focused protein treatments and deep conditioning.

The expert shared that one must keep in mind that using heat styling products will cause some kind of damage. Thus, some hair care should be done prior to styling. 

  • Ensure that you buy tools that can be temperature controlled and use products that will help you manage the heat before styling.
  • The tools used should ensure an ease of hair handling as this is crucial from the aspect of managing the duration of heat exposure and in terms of any hair breakage or handling inconvenience.

Pre-Styling Hair Care For Celebrities 

Coconut Based Hair Oil

coconut hair oil for pre styling

The hairstylist shared that to her celebrity clients who can't avoid heat damage to their hair due to their work, she recommends using a coconut-based hair oil before their hair wash, as it helps in restoring the moisture in their hair.

Heat Protection Before Styling

Furthermore, one must use heat protection and a product before styling. Heat protecting serums and oils are easily available in the market. 

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Foods For Healthy Hair

She shared that she also recommends her clients eating foods which help restore hair health like almonds, walnuts, flax seeds, spinach, guavas, cinnamon, and ginger. Fish should also be included in diet as it fuels body with omega 3 and fatty acids.

Tips To Prevent Hair From Heat Styling Damage

The expert further shared some quick tips to prevent hair from heat styling damage - 

  • Use heat protecting sprays or serums prior to styling your hair as it helps prevent damage. 
  • Invest in heat tools that enable you to control the temperature of the tool.
  • Regular use of coconut-based hair oil helps. Hair treated with this is more resistant to protein and lipid leaching from heat damage. Regular use also helps you with a more elongated heat straightening effect and hence, leads to reduced frequency of heat treatment, leading to reduced heat damage
  • Avoid heat styling as much as you can.
Follow these easy, quick tips by expert to prevent hair damage from styling tools. For more such hair related stories, stay tuned to