Every woman desires of having thick and long hair. Many of us aren't blessed with naturally healthy hair and need to really work hard to achieve that kind of hair we wish for. Using the right hair products indeed helps. How many of you follow up with a hair conditioner after your regular shampoo? If you skip it due to some reason or the other then read these advantages of applying a hair conditioner after washing your hair. 

Benefits Of Using A Hair Conditioner

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  • Even though you are blessed with naturally silky and shiny hair, we recommend you use a hair conditioner as it nourishes your strands and makes them stronger. 
  • Hair conditioners are a blessing for women who have really fine hair. Thin hair tends to tangle more and this leads to knots in the hair. When you try to detangle these knots, you can lose a lot of hair. Using a hair conditioner helps. When you apply a hair conditioner after washing your hair, using your fingers, you can detangle your hair, it becomes really easy.
  • Dry hair means a lot of hair issues like hair breakage and split ends. To get rid of the dryness, you need to nourish your hair with a moisturising conditioner. Using a hair conditioner regularly helps in making your hair soft and smooth. 
  • Do you lose a few strands while towel drying your hair? This happens when you don't use a conditioner. Using it helps in protecting your hair from drying and breaking after a wash. 
  • For that extra shine on your tresses, you need to nourish your hair with some hair conditioner. It has proteins and oils which make your hair look shiny. 
  • If your hair feels brittle then you must use a hair conditioner. It improves the elasticity of your hair and keeps them soft and hydrated. 

How To Use A Conditioner?

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A lot of you must be having this question in mind, what is the right way to apply a hair conditioner? Well, there is no such right way. 

A hair conditioner is applied to your tresses after you wash them. Make sure that your hair doesn't have excess water which can prevent your hair from soaking in the goodness of the conditioner. 

There are a lot of brands offering hair conditioners in the market. You can choose the right one for yourself according to your hair type. 

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Just squeeze some conditioner out of the bottle according to your hair length and apply on your mid-length and hair ends. However, don't use too much of hair conditioner as it can make your hair look greasy and flat. Make sure you never apply the hair conditioner on your roots as it can damage your hair and lead to breakage or hair fall. 

Make sure that keep rinsing your hair with water till it is completely removed from your hair. 

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2 minutes are enough for your hair to soak in the conditioner. However, you can leave a conditioner on your hair for a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes. Some conditioners also claim to work in just 1 minute. 

How Often Should You Use A Conditioner?

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Conditioner keeps your hair smooth and soft and there is no harm using it everytime you shampoo your hair. While shampoo cleanses your hair, the conditioner moisturises them. It makes it easier for you to manage and style your hair. 

Conditioning is important to keep your hair strong and healthy from within. Make sure you don't skip hair conditioning next time you shampoo your hair! For more beauty tips, stay tuned!