5 Benefits Of Niacinamide For Your Skin

Niacinamide is just the winter skincare ingredient you need to include in your regimen.

Saumya Rastogi
niacinamide benefits

Niacinamide is a powerful skincare ingredient that is used in the most expensive and luxurious skincare products and for good reason. It is a derivative of vitamin B3, which is a potent ingredient known for their hydration and antioxidant properties. Here are five benefits of niacinamide that will make you want to incorporate this ingredient in your daily regimens.


anti inflammation

Niacinamide acts as an antioxidant in the body. Inflammation speeds up the body’s ageing process, thereby causing premature ageing. Inflammation can also damage your cells as well as increase your risks of getting redness and irritation on the skin. This ingredient helps decrease inflammation by raising the cellular levels of glutathione, which can protect your cells from damage, infection, and even cancer.

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Evens Skin Tone

evens skin tone

As you age, it is not uncommon for our skin tone to become uneven. We tend to develop dark spots in certain areas as we grow old. The imbalance of pigmentation can be treated by using niacinamide on a regular basis. Hyperpigmentation and dark spots can be reduced with the help of niacinamide.

Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles

reduces wrinkles

We often refer to people with soft and supple skin as having a ‘baby face’, one which is without any signs of ageing. We cannot reverse ageing, but we can reduce its effects on the skin. If you want your luscious skin intact, without any fine lines and wrinkles, you must try skincare products with niacinamide in it.

Moisturisation of Skin


Your body is made up of roughly 60% water, and how much water your skin contains will have an impact on how “hydrated” your skin appears. Hydrated skin is plumped up, full of vitality and suppleness. If you want to reduce the transepidermal water loss then you should include niacinamide in your skincare routine.

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Treats Melasma

treats melasma

Melasma is a hyperpigmentation disorder that occurs in women with more melanin content in their skin, and it often happens during or around pregnancy. However, the causes of this disorder are not well-known, making it tough to treat. One of the skin therapies such as hydroquinone is the standard treatment for melasma. But, it has a ton of side-effects. This is where niacinamide can be used instead. In clinical trials, niacinamide has been known to reduce the hyperpigmentation linked with melasma.

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