When we stop paying attention to the details and the minor troubles, that’s when we are unconsciously inviting trouble for ourselves. Tasks like hair brushing, which we consider insignificant, could also have a great impact on the way our turns out to be. And therefore, we must be very careful of the habits and practices that we are following. Because the routine that we undertake for our hair is what lays the foundation for their strength. Let us take a look at the benefits and tips about hair brushing and learn how to do it right.

Hair Brushing And Its Benefits

hair brushing benefits

As per claims based on scientific researches, 100 strokes of hairbrush per day are not necessary but what is really important is the frequency that we use to brush our hair. And if that is right then brushing even twice a day, once in the morning and once in the night, would help. 

Talking about frequencies of brushing, vigorous brushing causes severe hair fall and damage and thus we should always maintain a slow and steady pace while doing our hair. Let us take you through some benefits of hair brushing.

It Helps Give Your Hair A Natural Gloss

Brushing helps in the distribution of the natural oils secreted by the scalp, evenly. And when the oils are equally distributed on each of your hair strands then there comes a natural gloss on your hair because of this. 

Not only that, when your hair is healthy, the oils that are secreted tend to act as natural hair straighteners for your hair too. So, along with being super glossy, your hair will be straighter comparatively.

Stimulation Of The Scalp

The bristles of the hairbrush help in the stimulation of your capillaries and hence improve the overall circulation in the scalp. Better blood circulation helps to improve the quality of your hair by facilitating an active flow of oxygen and other essential nutrients to your hair follicles.

Work As A Second Shampoo

hair brushing benefits

A lot of dust and dirt that gets trapped in the hair also can be removed with simple hair brushing.  The dry brush(best hair brush dryers to try) allows the hair to separate and hence the dirt and other dry particles fall off. Therefore, hairbrushes also help in keeping the hair clean and work as a second shampoo.

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Brushing Dry Hair

  • Begin brushing from the midsection of your hair and slowly take your brush down to the tips. 
  • Then take your brush up to a few inches from where you started brushing, repeat this process several times until you reach the roots.
  • Gradually and carefully remove the tangles and try remaining calm and gentle while you do this.

Brushing Wet Hair 

hair brushing benefits

  • Brushing wet hair is not the best thing for your hair and we know it but in case if you have to take that brush and work on your wet hair, let it be proper.
  • Start from the very tips and do not force the brush into your hair, just patiently detangle and loosen the knots.
  • Once all the knots have been removed, comb your hair down slowly and leave it there. 
  • Once the hair is done do not comb again and again as wet hair is weaker and breaks off easily from the roots(how to prevent post covid hairfall).

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