Off late, many brands have started taking the organic route or some new brands have come up which are completely environment-friendly, free of toxins and preservatives and they are also concentrating on their packaging which is recyclable! HerZindagi spoke to some of them and this is what they had to say:

Mansi Gupta, Co-founder of Tjori, says that the organic and pure elements used in the brand's wellness products can "solely cut down on the chemicals polluting the air and water. A small initiation from our end to ensure waste management was done with an organisation which believes in planting trees and require small containers to do the same. And we being the happy providers have even tried to convince our customers to do the same. The use of environmentally safe leather, biodegradable containers and organic fabric helps us put a strong foot forward towards environment protection."

Speaking on the same lines, Shankar Prasad, Founder of Plum Goodness shared with HerZindagi that the concept of his brand combines science with sustainability.

He said: "The brand is conscious about the ecological footprint of their business. We use only recyclable packaging avoiding the use of PVC, ABS, and SAN. Over packaging is not encouraged and constantly looks for the ways to reduce the use of packaging. Plum is careful about the claims it makes and does not do anything they cannot substantiate."

Interestingly, Plum has taken one pretty cool step more to contribute in saving the environment. Their initiative Empties4Good encourages customers to share their Plum empties for recycling for free and also receive shopping credits for this act of goodness. "For every empty they share, the customers will be rewarded with Rs. 50 in shopping credits on plumgoodness website!

Now, most consumers are still not aware of the fact that sulfates present in their product is unsafe not just for the human body but poisonous for the environment as well! 

Nuskay's Dr. Pooja Chhabra and Dr. Drishty Chhabra, who have clubbed their scientific knowledge with age-old remedies, shared that "All the products help nature in a way that they are vegan, paraben free, sulfate free and cruelty-free and the ingredients used are plant-based and bio-inspired, along with it none of our products has been tested on animals."

They firmly believe that "every step counts whether it’s big or small, thus our packaging is minimal and biodegradable as well."

How Much Do People Like You & Me Are Truly Becoming Environment Conscious?

Tarun Sharma, Co-Founder of MCaffeine told HerZindagi that "we are seeing a never before sentiment for environment consciousness in consumers. However, we must also acknowledge the lifestyle pressures that modern millennial is going through. A fast-paced lifestyle and social pressures put a lot of demand on the user to opt for a quick fix rather than a consciously positive solution to well-being.

"There lies an opportunity to be a thought leader for start-ups like us. Can we develop environmentally conscious solutions for personal care and well-being that align with the modern fast-paced lifestyle? We see it as a guidance and responsibility for us as a way forward in this industry," he added. 

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Shankar Prasad of Plum added in that "Slowly but surely, consumers have started thinking about the environmental impact of the choices they make."

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Nuskay's Dr. Pooja and Dr. Drishty Chhabra are of the belief that the consumers are truly conscious of the environment these days, as they are willing to take a step towards the betterment of the environment and for themselves as well.

"They look for natural ingredients in their skincare products, as they are proven to be most effective and works wonder for the skin. Consumers are also looking for brands that actually are environmentally friendly and take care of the quality of work they do."

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On the same positive lines, Tjori's Mansi Gupta says that "the environment is on the brink of collapse, if we don’t take drastic steps in the next decade we will reach a point from where there shall be no return. This notion has motivated the world to finally open their eyes to realize and rectify the damage they have done and people are now taking small but genuine steps to make a difference.

She lauds the knowledge and awareness created with continuous campaigns and advertisements!

"these ads have made people order products which are environment-friendly, non-animal tested, recyclable, chemical free and yet effective to cure the problem. A conscious consumer is a motivation for the sellers to take the right steps and venture deep into all things organic and environmentally safe.

What Is The Scenario Market Wise For Organic, Environment-Friendly Products?

"It's right now less than 5% of the overall market but is changing very rapidly. It's growing much faster than the overall market, which is a great thing. However, it will take some more time for consumers to discern between brands that walk the talk and those that just talk. For that to happen, overall awareness has to improve," Prasad concluded.

How conscious are you? I say switch to eco-friendly, organic products and do this favour to yourself starting now! You might be just one fish in the pond but imagine if the word spreads and well follow this path to saving our environment starting from our Beauty wardrobes ladies!? The world needs it! You need it!

It Starts With "I".

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