Nature has given us resources in abundance and has even supplied us with ingredients and herbs to treat our physical ailments, skin and hair woes. While synthetic chemicals can harm us, these natural ingredients soothe and nourish us adequately. For people desiring long and healthy tresses, there is no better option than going all herbal with their hair care routine.

If you are seeking knowledge on herbs that should be part of your life for healthy, strong and shining hair, Agnes Chen, National Technical Head from Vasmol, has listed some miracle herbs that are excellent for reducing the process of greying, enhance hair colour, condition the mane, strengthen the roots and make you feel good about your prized hair.


 amla hair

  • Amla is fulfilled with the richness of vitamin C, which helps in healthy hair growth. It nourishes, strengthens, and condition your hair, thereby making it shiny and adds volume to your hair. The rich juice also cures dryness and prevents dandruff from accumulating on the scalp. Those with an oily scalp must use amla powder as it soaks in all the excess oil present on your scalp and conditions it. 
  • It nourishes the scalp and makes the hair shiny. The antioxidants in amla, shield our hair from various hair damages caused by dust, pollution, smoke, and hair styling tools.
  • It helps in fighting scalp pigmentation, reduces grey hair, and enhances hair colour. It keeps your hair and scalp clean to avoid pigmentation. It is also a natural coolant, an excellent remedy for fixing the pitta condition, which reduces greying and makes your hair look naturally beautiful. 
  • It tames your frizzy hair beautifully. 

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 bhringraj hair

  • Bhringraj is excellent for treating and preventing baldness. It promotes hair growth.
  • Anti-microbial and anti-bacterial powerful properties in the herb's oil have a high specific gravity, which allows the oil to penetrate deep inside the scalp and treat dry scalp and itching.
  • The active constituents of bhringraj hair oil contain haritaki and jatamansi, which are extremely beneficial in maintaining the natural colour of hair and prevent premature greying. Regular use of bhringraj oil plays a crucial role in slowing and reducing grey hair.


methi hair 

  • Fenugreek seeds are a rich source of nutrients that promote hair growth and improve the texture of the hair when used regularly.
  • The richness of potassium helps tackle the problem of premature hair greying.
  • Fenugreek seeds are very helpful in improving scalp health and making the hair strands and shaft stronger. They also help prevent breakage.
  • Fenugreek is extremely useful in strengthening the hair from the roots and treating follicular problems.
  • No other ingredient can condition your hair like fenugreek seeds. If you have frizzy and dry hair, look no further than fenugreek.

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 hibiscus hair

  • Hibiscus flowers are rich in nutrients like amino acids which are necessary for producing keratin, the building blocks of our hair. These flowers are capable of stimulating hair regrowth even from dormant follicles and bald patches.
  • People with curly hair must use hibiscus leaves and flowers from the hibiscus plant as they are incredibly moisturising. Crushed petals of hibiscus are slimy due to the high amount of mucilage content, keeping split ends, and fizziness away.

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  • Hibiscus has astringent properties, which helps in cooling and soothing the scalp. This relieves those with itchy scalp and controls excess oil production. 
  • It plays a major role in dandruff prevention and other scalp infections.
  • The melanin present in it gives the hair its natural colour. Both ancient Ayurveda and science talk of hibiscus as a natural hair dye to mask grey hair. 

Ayurprash, the most authentic mixture of these magical herbs - Amla, Bhringraj, Methi, and Hibiscus assures you beautiful and healthy hair that you will be proud of.

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