Over the years face washes have become a must-have in your daily skincare regimen. So much so that experts recommend using it twice daily. When investing in a face wash, many just check if the product is meant for their skin type and goes with it. At times you sure can hit a jackpot, but mostly unknowingly you keep giving your skin a hard time. All the skin problems are not actually due to lack of certain nutrients, and pollution, a wrong product pick can make things pretty bad. But how do we know if the face wash we bought home is actually helping the skin? Well, your skin will show the signs on its own, you just have to understand them. Some of those signs are: 

Tightness Around The T-Zone 

Remember how during winters skin starts feeling tight and screams for moisture. You might experience something similar if you use a wrong face wash. In case your skin is already dry, it can become worst by giving you black marks and spots (home remedies to remove dark spots) around the lips and nose. This happens because the face wash somehow disrupts the skin barrier. It takes away the skin’s natural oils and reduces the pH level. 

Skin Starts Looking Dull 

Skin Starts Looking Dull

When a face wash doesn’t end up brightening up the skin, something isn’t right. The task of a face wash is definitely to exfoliate your skin, but it must also rejuvenate it in the best way possible. Many think it’s okay for your cleansing agent to suck the life out of the skin, for them, it is a sign that the wash is working. However, it’s a wrong notion! A face wash should also be hydrating to help freshen up your pores. 

Premature Signs Of Ageing

Anything that’s taking away the goodness of the skin may also lead to premature ageing. While it has become common given the sedentary lives most of us live, we must be aware that our cleansers shouldn’t add up to it. You might not notice a couple of premature ageing signs for weeks after starting to use a wrong face wash. But you should definitely know about them. Defective pigmentation, fine lines, tightness, sagging skin, etc a few signs. These happen because the skin’s protective barrier somehow gets compromised, leaving the skin vulnerable. 

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Frequent Breakouts

Frequent Breakouts=

Many purposely invest in a face wash that has unnecessary foaming agents, surfactants, or preservatives, since they think that it can clean the pores better. But most of the time it can turn out to be overly aggressive. Such products are likely to strip the skin’s natural barrier, further causing it to go into overdrive with excess oil production called sebum. The sebum then ends up giving a blind pimple to a full-blown breakout. When you will be using the right product at least it will not make the scenario worst but will reset and rebalance the skin as it cleans, replenishing lost hydrating elements. 

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Redness & Sensitivity Becomes Common 

For people with sensitive skin textures, picking an aggressive face wash can become their worst nightmare as they are already prone to redness and sensitivity. For others, it may end up disrupting the skin’s finely tuned micro-environment and giving you nothing but irritated, and inflamed skin. If you are already experiencing irritation on your skin, it is best that you switch to something mild or more natural. 

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