Here Is Why You Should Travel Solo At Least Once In A Lifetime

By Tanya Malik24 Aug 2018, 09:45 IST

Surely, travelling to new places, experiencing new things, is something extraordinary. When travelling with friends or family, you are able to create memories that last forever. However, do you know travelling alone can be an all-together different experience for you? If you have been travelling in groups through the years, you may find it absurd at first to even think of travelling solo. Sujal Patwardhan, Co-Founder, Embarq, here gives you some reasons why you should be travelling solo:

You Meet More People 

When travelling with your family or in groups, the number of people that you get to meet is limited. This is because you are engrossed in your own circle and activities. Also, strangers look at you differently when you are in a group. They don't reach you because they feel not to disturb you. When you are travelling solo, you get to meet more people. 

You Discover Yourself 

Travelling solo makes you open to a very different world. You get to see a very different side of yourself. 

You Become An Extrovert 

You become more aware of what is happening around you. You become more confident and you stay alert at all times. You try to soak in as much as possible because you have no company and you have no choice but to open up to strangers. 

You Understand That You Don't Need Company 

When you solo travel, you grow immensely and in these few days where you are alone, you understand that you actually don't need any company to travel with. 

You Become Self-Sufficient 

Travelling solo requires a lot of preparations and you handle them alone. You take care of your own things and push your own boundaries.