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    'Why Should We Hire You?' How To Answer The Staple Interview Query

    From communicating your skills to showing enthusiasm, see how you should convince an interviewer to hire you. 
    • Krati Purwar
    • Editorial
    Updated at - 2022-12-01,17:53 IST
    why should we hire you interview questions

    In every interview, the HR or the higher manager always asks, “Why should we hire you?” It is one of the staple questions interviewees dread. It seems like no answer could be the right answer.

    The key is to not overthink. The interviewer is trying to understand what skills you have that would tick all their requirements.

    Take notes on how to answer the fairly dreaded, “Why should we hire you?”

    Communicate How You Will Benefit The Company

    communicate how you will benefits the company

    When a company is hiring you, they would like to know how you would benefit them. Do a bit of research and tell the employer how your skills would help them gain more clients or build a brand image. 

    Go through their social media pages to understand their history. It will help you understand where they are lacking and prepare a guideline for how you can help them grow.

    Discuss Your Skills That Match The Job Description

    discuss your job skills

    Most companies are quite specific in their job descriptions. Therefore, prepare a list of your skills ahead of time. Share your strengths and relevant work experience.

    It will convey to the employer your understanding of the role. When discussing your skills, do not forget to mention your achievements (if any) with respect to the job role.

    Do Not Oversell

    do not oversell

    When answering why a company should hire you, do not go overboard while selling your skills and talent. You might be able to lie on the resume, but you won’t be able to do it on the job (ace telephonic interview).

    You must also refrain from over-praising the company. For example, if you are giving an interview at one of your dream companies, do not go on and on about how much you have always wanted to be a part of it or have been fascinated about working there. Reign it in a little.

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    Emphasise On Your Team Spirit

    emphasise on your team skills

    If you have ever handled a team, you must emphasise on this. It shows that you can work with a team, take on responsibilities and work under pressure. It also says a lot about your soft skills.

    For most job descriptions, an employee might be required to coordinate with their team as well as members of other teams. Therefore, mentioning how you’ve relevant experience there, might help you take your game one level up.

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    Share Ideas

    It is not enough to communicate the skills you have acquired while working in your past organisations. You must be ready with a plan of action, no matter how small it is. For example, if you have found certain things on the company’s website, you should have a rough idea of how you will have to work to make things better. While sharing ideas, do not complain about what is wrong but share how you can improve certain things. 


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