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Meet Captain Monicaa Khanna Whose Quick Thinking Saved Over 150 Lives In Patna-Delhi SpiceJet Flight

Monicaa Khanna, the captain of Patna-Delhi Spicejet flight, used sound judgement to successfully land the plane, saving the lives of over 150 people.
Published -20 Jun 2022, 19:44 ISTUpdated -20 Jun 2022, 20:01 IST
monicaa Khanna captain of spicejet

Following a bird strike, a Spicejet flight from Patna to Delhi, carrying over 150 passengers, caught fire shortly after takeoff. However, the pilot in command Monicaa Khanna maintained her calm and ensured that the flight landed safely. She took witty decisions quickly and with her first officer Balpreet Singh Bhatia conducted themselves well in the emergency situation.

Monicaa Khanna has received a lot of praise for the way she made the right judgments in a difficult situation.

Who Is Monicaa Khanna?

Captain Monicaa Khanna is the first officer at Spicejet Limited. She began her career with SpiceJet in 2018.

Captain Khanna was flying the Spicejet Boeing 737 that had to make an emergency landing at Patna airport when its engine caught fire on June 19, 2022.

How Monicaa Khanna Safely Landed The Flight?

Captain Monica Khanna very skillfully managed an overweight landing at Patna's crowded airport.

After one of the engines caught fire, Captain Khanna communicated with the Air traffic control and shut off the affected engine. Then made one round as per the protocols.

After that, the plane was rushed back to the airport with only one engine working.

Captain Monicaa Khanna Applauded For Her Sensible Thinking

“Captain Monicaa Khanna has done a great job. Patna is a nightmare airport even in best of times and carrying an overweight landing at this crucial airport in such difficult circumstances is applaud worthy. For decades, we have been hearing that Patna will get another airport but has remained just talk," a senior commander of an Indian airline told TOI.

Journalist Prashant Kumar Tweeted, "The hero of the day is Captain Monika Khanna! With her excellent skills she saved over 150 lives today when the plane she was flying caught fire post take off. Kudos to her courage. Cheers."

Captain Monicaa Khanna received a lot of praises on Twitter. Take a look:

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