Single Or Heartbroken? Celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day The Best Way

Since the anti valentine’s day is around the corner, embrace singlehood with these quirky ideas. 

Samriddhi Srivastava
Mark anti valentine's day

Kudos to those who loves celebrating valentine’s day, but let’s admit it the day is highly overrated. There are constant pressure and unbelievable expectations to stand up to, no matter if you are committed or single. Yes, life is about gathering happiness from wherever possible. If it is coming in the face of valentine’s day, great! But, embracing sufferings, break-ups and singlehood should also be considered. After all, it is not easy, with everyone around, especially the daily soaps and Bollywood obsessing over the idea of love and togetherness. 

Nevertheless, since the idea of anti-valentine’s day, which is just around the corner, has garnered immense popularity over the years, it must be celebrated in the best way possible. No matter if you are single, recently got separated, divorced, ditched, not over your exes or searching for that special one, these quirky ideas are far most the best to mark the anti-valentine’s day. 

Playing Paintball 


If you are feeling low or stressed because of your break up, the upcoming anti-valentine’s day is the perfect day let it all go. How? Channelise that pain to some other place. Playing paintball has been suggested as one of the top stress-busting games. Since stress can deeply affect one’s mental health, playing a tough and rough game like paintball to get over frustration Is recommended. The more you play the more you will be releasing endorphins, a chemical that body produce to relieve pain and stress, further making you calm.

Sell/Burn old gifts

burn gifts

If you’re still holing up to those gifts from your exes and thinking of the time when you were together, please stop! It’s high time that you get over it. And, what’s a better way to burn it or much better sell it. With this, you will at least make some money too. While Geet from Jab We Met taught us burning ex’s photo gives utter satisfaction, we say you burn it all or sell it all. There are a few websites where you can sell old pieces of jewellery, smartphones, clothes, coffee mugs, and handbags, you call always burn those teddy bears, heart-shaped pillows, old photos and cards.  

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Book tickets for a stand-up comedy show 

While the heart is in distress, a dose of laughter might act as the best medicine for both mental and physical well being. An evening spent with comedy king or queens will fill you with happy chemical, serotonin. And, since we are talking about anti valentine’s day, look for the show specifically on break-ups. The best part about this option is you can go all alone, no need of any partner or gang. 


Book session with Relationship Counsellor


Dramatic breakups may often lead to feelings of guilt, inadequacy or depression, which may further affect one’s personal and professional growth. No one willingly wants to be in that state, but getting out from that zone can be hard too. In such scenarios consider taking professional help, book a session with relationship counsellors or therapists. They surely can talk you out of your situation. I might take time but you surely will start walking towards positive growth. After all, self-love if vital!


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Throw a bash

If you want to go all crazy and willing to celebrate break up or singlehood like anything, through a party. You can invite all the singles folks and also the one who is frustrated by their current relationship. Do not invite your ex, and ask your friends too to not give you any last-minute surprises in this context. Consider inviting your crush or any of your online dates. Give your self a new start. Opt for any theme other than red and pink, because let’s admit we had enough of it last week. 

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