If you love travelling and happen to be a woman... well these tips are not gender specific but most happen with women, therefore, the reference... but if you do, there are many key points that you have to keep in mind. We want you safe especially in a world like today wherein you are not secure even in your own town. Here are some tips that will help you out.

Never Tell Your Gender When Reserving A Room

gender register hotel safety

When making a booking online try not to reveal your gender. What we mean here is that you do not write your first name. Just go with the first initial and last name. 

Ditch Ground Floor

Yes, even I was baffled with this one. The logic here is that the ground floor is the easiest to access for intruders. Therefore, ask for a room a few floors up but not a lot so that if there is a natural disaster, it is easy enough to reach you via fire brigade.

Never Speak Out Your Room Number

Make the front desk note down your room number instead of announcing it to the world out loud. Simply because if someone with wrong intentions hears overhears, you never know what's next. 

Stay With You Luggage Till Check In

luggage hotel

It is important that you stay with your luggage until you have checked in to your room. Do not get distracted and turn away from it. Simply because you never know who tampers with it, slips in something or simply switches bags! Always place it between yourself and the desk.

Ask For Two Three Business Cards  

All you have to do is keep one near your phone just in case of emergency and keep the other in your purse so that if you are lost, you know your address and you can ask people.   

Inspect Your Room

inspect room

Before you unpack, inspect your room and just make sure that all the locks to all those windows and doors are functioning.

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Keep The Door Locked

Always, ALWAYS, make this a habit that you lock your door. Especially when you are alone. While entering and leaving check your surroundings. Be cautious.  

Never Open For Strangers

Now here be smart. If the person says that he or she is an employee, call the desk to verify. When you do open the door, keep the security chain engaged until you’re absolutely certain. Keep the door open till the person has not left. 

Check Locks

window lock

Before you leave and when you enter your room, check all locks including that of windows.  

Pack A Rubber Door Stopper

Just in case you feel the door should be open when there is a stranger in your room but it won't remain open then you have a solution.

Always Use Hotel Main Entrance  

This is especially vital when entering or exiting the hotel after dark.

Avoid Being Solo

Minimise your solitary time especially in lonely areas. If you feel a certain area in the hotel is too lonely then avoid being alone. Many times the lunch area is isolated at odd hours so it would be better that you order in. Also, if you’re waiting for the taxi, stay in your lobby until it arrives.

Besides these tips, install some women safety apps in your phones to be double sure. May you have a safe trip. Love HerZindagi.