A famous television actress and hit TV show Kundali Bhagya's actress Shraddha Arya is attractive and rather glamourpus now but have you seen what she looked like before she joined showbiz? Her transformation is amazing just like other stars like Neha Kakkar, Mouni Roy and others. Take a look.

Shraddha has a massive fan following and it is obvious that she will have many fan clubs on social media like Instagram and Twitter. This time a fan club of hers dug up pic of hers from school and compared it with what she looks like today and the proof is here!

It is not like there is no similarity between the pictures but it is a proof that once the money flows in and you start working, you do start looking different. 

transformed shraddha

Shraddha has been praised for her work as Preeta in and has won awards for it and not just that, her on-screen pairing with actor Dheeraj Dhoopar has been loved by the audience for sure.

Other than this, Shraddha will also be seen in a music video with TikTok sensation Aashi Sharma and singer Vicky Thakur. As per reports, Vicky will fall for Shraddha and will try to woo her.

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shraddha transformation

Another fun fact is that Shraddha rose to fame with a music video song Soniye Heeriye, so it all comes full circle. 

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Kundali Bhagya Update

In the upcoming episode of the show, there will be a huge twist in the plot. Mahira will be seen trying to kill Mahesh and blame Preeta for it. In the earlier episode, it was shown that Preeta was protecting Karan from taking the bait given by Mahira. Back to the current episode, Mahesh recovers and Sherlyn and Mahira plan to kill him so that he doesn’t reveal their secret. So the duo makes Mahesh fall and blames Preeta for it but she ends up saving him. 

Sherlyn and Mahira start blaming Preeta for Mahesh’s bad state leaving her shocked. What wil shock you even more is that Kareena will believe Mahira and Sherlyn as they are rich and Preeta is poor. However Karan and Rishabh are confused, they do not trust Mahira and Sherlyn. 

What will happen next? Will Rishabh and Kraan believe Preeta? Will they be able to catch Mahira and Sherlyn?