Monsoons are finally here and so is the problem of sudden downpour. It can rain anytime during the day or night and if you are outside, you are in for a ride. Without an umbrella or a shelter, you will not only get wet but also end up drenching your phone completely. If your phone isn’t waterproof, then it could be tough to revive it back. Infact, most of the times it even gets diffcult to save it even with an umbrella. In order to solve the issue, here are some tricks which will protect your phone from moisture and water. 

Switch Off Immediately 

Protect phone

If you doubt that water has gone inside your phone, then the first step you need to take is, switching it off. It will disconnect the electric circuit present in the phone and will prevent any further damage. Post switching it off, you can use the below given tricks, like keeping it in a rice bag.

Cover With Polythene 

A desi hack which will ensure that your mobile remains dry, is polythene. Just take a polythene bag and put your phone in it. Secure the knot tightly to ensure that it is sealed. A zip lock bag can also be used to seal your mobile from moisture. You can do this trick, if stepping out in the rain is an absolute necessity. 

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Get A Waterproof Cover

Protect phone

If rain is an everyday affair for you, then waterproof mobile covers are the best solution. Just get a waterproof cover for your phone, which will let you use your mobile, even in rain. Such covers block the water and keep the phone dry. Switching to a waterproof cover during monsoon season is a foolproof way to safeguard your mobile. 

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Never Charge A Wet Phone

Never charge your phone, even if it is slightly wet. The combination of electricity and water is lethal, which can cause dangerous electric shocks. Let it dry completely, post which you can plug it into the charging socket. Also, many people use a hairdryer to remove the moisture. You must refrain from doing so, as using hot air can damage it further. 

Rice Bag Hack

Protect phone

One trick which all the Indians have been doing since ages, to repair damaged phones, is by keeping it in rice. If your phone has stopped working, then all you need is a bag of uncooked rice. Put in your phone and cover it completely with rice. Now, leave it overnight like that. The rice will absorb all the excess moisture and will make your phone, as good as new. 

Wear A Bluetooth Headset 

If you have to talk while you travel, then getting a bluetooth headset for yourself is the best option. You can either get a waterproof headset or wireless earphones, which will prevent the hassle of keeping your phone out. All you need to do is wear your earphones and keep your phone locked up in the bag. 

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You can follow any of the above given tricks and revive your phone back to life. Always be very careful with water and electronic devices, especially during the rainy season. 

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