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7 Tips For A Successful First Date

Follow these tips to leave a lasting impression on your first date.
Published -14 Oct 2021, 15:35 ISTUpdated -15 Oct 2021, 11:49 IST
successful date tips

First dates are a mix of excitement, nervousness and awkwardness that may result in either a great date or not so good one. But don't worry, we are here to help you have a wonderful date and make an unforgettable impression on your date. Read on

1. Dress Up Smart

Dress Up to impress your date but also remember to dress in a way that is comfortable to you. You can't turn up looking shabby and unkempt. If you do, it’ll give a disheartening first impression and may reduce your chances of a second date. Dressing up well will show your efforts to impress your date and will leave a good impression.

2. Select Good Venue

A good venue plays an important role for a successful date. Choose a pub, restaurant, or bar where you know it won't get too crowded or noisy, and where you can hear each other. You can also go to a park or a garden to chill. Choosing a nice place for your first date is important because it can really make or break your potential romance.

3. Be On Time

Don't get late on your first date. If you are going to be late, make sure you apologize to your date. And, if possible, text them beforehand. It's better that way. Being late for your first date is one of the biggest turn offs that nobody likes.

4. Keep The Conversation Flowing

Always start with a complement to your date and keep the conversation flowing. There are chances that it will get awkward and boring in between but you can always use some humour to make up for it. It's also a good idea to do some research about your date and prepare questions for him mentally before leaving for your date spot. Just remember that your date shouldn't be the only one asking questions and starting discussions. There should be equal efforts from both sides.

5. Remember Your Etiquettes


Mind your manners and don't get too informal just on your first date. It won't leave a good impression on your date. Do not use abusive language and talk with your mouth full of half chewed food. Be polite and don't forget your manners.

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6. Don't Talk About Your Ex

Don't ever talk about your ex on your date. It will bore your date partner and make them want to leave ASAP! Even if the conversation starts heading towards that direction, be smart and divert the direction of the topic. Nobody wants to hear stuff about someone's ex boyfriend, especially on the first date.

7. Offer To Split The Bill

split bill

Don't let your partner pay the entire bill of your date but do offer to split it into two. Offering to pay for the date will show your generous nature and will definitely impress your date. Paying alone for two people is not correct even if it is a date. Discuss this with your partner before the bill arrives.

Follow these tips and you'll be well on your way to a successful date. Best of luck, and have a wonderful day.  Impress your date with your amazing personality and don't try to be someone you are not. Just stay comfy and confident.

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