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5 Things You Can Gift Your Sister On Her Wedding!

Finding a gift for your sister for her wedding? Here are some ideas! 
Published -19 Feb 2022, 14:00 ISTUpdated -19 Feb 2022, 14:38 IST
  • Mahima Girotra
  • Editorial
  • Published -19 Feb 2022, 14:00 ISTUpdated -19 Feb 2022, 14:38 IST
what to gift sister on wedding

Weddings have a special place in our hearts. With grand gestures, we celebrate the coming together of two people in holy matrimony and starting a family of 2. 

With 2 people cherishing this moment for the rest of their lives, there are always a set of siblings left behind to witness the sudden changes that are made in their universe. While their elder sibling is the center of their world, it is time to set them free and let them live a life with a partner they chose for themselves. 

A sisterly bond surely has a different feel altogether. Two sisters are more or less like a mother-daughter duo by the end of time. The two end up creating up a beautiful bond amongst themselves that they literally look out for each other every step of the way! 

Are you looking for gifts to give to your sister as she gets married? Here are some options you can look into while you are busy surfing through the internet! 

A Bangle Case 

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As a woman gets married, there are many changes that are brought into play. With the wardrobe having a major makeover, there are many other things that too have a makeover. 

Bangles are one such thing that is introduced if you’re not already into them. You can gift your sister a case of bangles. Nowadays, we have been spotting many fancy bangle cases in the markets that have had our eyes and hearts. 

You can get your bangle case customized with your name or your initials according to your needs. They come in so many colours, shapes, and sizes. 

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A Brush Set 

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Being a newlywed, the Indian society expects a woman to be dressed in her best for the first few months post her marriage. A professional brush set is an ideal gift to give to your sister at her wedding for such endeavors. 

Women also have a creative side that just needs a spark and maybe this makeup brush set is all your sister needs. She could turn into a professional Makeup Artist (MUA) for a living or even as a hobby. 

A Travel Voucher 

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We believe in giving and receiving travel vouchers as gifts. They truly are a blessing to us. 

With a travel voucher, you can use the specified amount at the hotel chain for any time duration at any location in the world. This feature allows anybody to travel anywhere in the world. 

Gifting a travel voucher to your sister is an ideal choice as it will give her and her to-be husband an edge on planning their upcoming trips or even their honeymoon! 

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Makeup Goodie Bag 

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Every woman has a thing for makeup. Aren’t we right about that? We at HerZindagi definitely love makeup to a great extent and have certainly shown it to you. 

A makeup goodie bag is something that we see in our dreams. You can take a budget in mind and shop all the way, filling a bag with everything that’s makeup. Products like eyeshadow palettes, primers, eyeliners, face masks, lipsticks, etc can all be a part of this bag for your dear sister.

Customized Clutch 


With exquisite clutch bags on the market, it makes them even a better option to be served as a gift to your loved ones. 

Brands like Sabhyasachi allow you to get your name or your initials carved on the clutch as per your comfort. 

For a much cheaper and budget-friendly option, you can also find many startup brands that add much more customization to your needs.

Did you find the perfect gift for your sister? Connect with us over our official Instagram and comment for us to know. For more tips and tricks, stay tuned to HerZindagi. 


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