Smart Saving Options For Mothers By Gurleen Kaur Tikku

By Kishori Sud14 Sep 2018, 18:33 IST

Get some tips and ideas from Gurleen Kaur Tiku, the Chief Financial Advisor at, on different saving options you must explore for a better and secure future of your child.

Smart Saving Ideas For Young Mothers

We as young mothers are always worried about our child's future. So, lets see what all saving options are there for our kids. 

Start by opening a saving account in our bank so that there is clear demarcation between our money and the child's money. All the gift and prize money can be deposited in this account. But do not make the mistake of letting the money lie idle over there. GO and INVEST. Train forth and multiply.

Go for A Recurring Deposit

You can start with a deposit of as small as Rs 500 per month for a specific period of time and let it grow. As a young mother to a young child, you can take a small amount of calculated and informed risk and invet in mutual funds as well

Mutual Funds

Sips or Systematic investment plan is another option. You can start by investing an amount as small as rs 500 per month for as many years as you want and grow wealth for your child. 

Public Provident Fund

PPF is a very good investment option for kids. It is an account for 15 years and gives an interest of 8% per annum. You can start by investing as low as Rs 500 and as high as Rs 1,50,000 per annum. It is a very good option for kids. 


Last but not the least is risk planning. You should have adequate Insurance to cover your child's expenses and goals. What will happen if you are not there? So, you should have an adequate insurance plan to take care of unforseen circumstances. 

You will only benefit if you do these things. Start Now! Take informed decisions and do it regularly.