Sapphire is considered one of the most essential gems. In many religions, the blue colour of the stone is believed to represent the heaven. Wearing sapphire is said to bring in a lot of learning, mental stability, and spiritual healing. 

Some studies also suggest that wearing a sapphire can help one access a deeper level of self-consciousness and get a more positive attitude towards life. We asked Gemstone expert, Mr. Nitin Yadav, Founder at GemPundit to share some benefits of wearing the sapphire stone. Read on. 

Benefits Of Wearing Sapphire

Sapphire is also known as the stone of prosperity and wisdom stone as it is often associated with loyalty, friendship, spiritual development, optimism, and balance. However, it is important to note that different sapphires come with distinctive features and attributes and thus affect the wearer in various ways.

Different Sapphires such as black, blue, green, indigo, white, and pink can also activate multiple chakras, including heart, crown, base, and throat chakra. The Blue Sapphire is particularly associated with royalty and is prominently known for attracting blessings, gifts and reviving thoughtful and responsible behaviour. In general, Sapphire stones are often attributed to peace and serenity as it assists the wearer to fulfill his dreams and desires.

nitin yadav gemstone expert blue sapphire

It also helps release stress, anxiety, depression, and unwanted negative thoughts. Apart from their brilliant mental and spiritual healing properties, Sapphires are known for accelerating the process of healing blood disorders, combating excessive bleeding, cellular disorders, and strengthening the walls of the veins.

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Who Should Wear Sapphire?

who should wear sapphire stone

Sapphire stones are attributed towards spiritual development, self-appreciation, friendship and love. However, it is highly advised to wear Sapphire stone only after consulting an expert. Sapphire stones offer the best results only if worn after careful examination of the wearer’s birth chart.

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