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Shop At 'Royal Foodwear', Binge On 'Visitable Juice': Funny Shop, Institute, Restaurant Names In India

Here are a few names of restaurants, shops and institutes in India that will make you laugh without a pause!
Published - 11 Aug 2020, 14:58 ISTUpdated - 11 Aug 2020, 16:24 IST
funny shop names main

It is not necessary that you need to know English but when you do, do cross-check if what you are writing is right or not. One wrong letter usage, the entire meaning of a word changes. Here are some pictures with names of some restaurants, shops, and abbreviations of institutes that are prime examples of how things can wrong when we misplace the English alphabets. Sit back, relax, and scroll down for a few minutes of laughter!

1Visitable Juice

funny names one

It is always healthy to have juices but it tastes best when that glass is "visitable" perhaps? 

2Because Ladies Always Lead!

funny names two

"Jents" don't stand a chance when the ladies are "leadies" no matter where you are. 

3"Vadka" Diaries

funny names three

Whether it is "Child Beer","Wiskee" or your favourite "Vadka", who cares about the spelling? You get the meaning when you are on an alcohol hunt!

4Umm Whose Basin?

funny names four

Men are unique so they need their separate washbasin but 'Wosebasin' is this?

5"TATTI" Institute?

funny names five

God knows whether the owner of this restaurant even knows the meaning of his tandoori restaurant or not but how are the customers able to walk in?

This institute's abbreviation mentioned here sure sounds hilarious, students don't need another word to curse when under stress! 

6"Joote Khaane Hain?"

funny names six

This shop name is a pure example of how a single letter can change the entire meaning of a word. 

7I Love "Chaineese Food"

funny names seven

Most of us love Chinese food although it is more "Chin-Jabi" in India with oodles of spice unlike what they make anywhere in the world including China, but no matter what the spelling is, it is a hit in anywhere in India. "Feelings ko samjho" philosophy?

8Taste What?

funny names eight

It sounds disgusting and repulsive. But I want to ask, are people really coming for consultation here? 

9On Point!

funny names nine

The seller is either playing with words to gather attention or he/ she is simply frank about what he sells. "Ye Andar Ki Baat Hai"?


funny names ten

Why would you sell a pizza if it is "Tatti"? 

11Just "Beep"ing Away

funny names eleven

Generally one understands the broken English words but can anyone else decipher these "beep" dishes here?

12When Google Launched A Shoe Range For Women

funny names twelve

I don't know if the shop owner will land in trouble for using Google's branding or not but he may have given Google an idea to add something new to their merchandise!